Karlo Broussard Why God Still Matters

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Karlo Broussard   Why God Still Matters
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Karlo Broussard Why God Still Matters says
In this talk, Karlo explains why progress in scientific knowledge in no way discredits nor can it discredit the need for God in explaining the universe. Karlo does this by giving a simple explanation of Aquinas' 2nd way showing that God is the Ultimate cause of the very existence of the universe itself; thus the first reason why God still matters. Secondly, Karlo shows that God matters still because He is the only one or thing that can satisfy our depest desires for the perfection of truth and love - without god one falls into the absurdity of life. Finally, Karlo explains how the rejection of God undermines ojective morality.

Come join us at Ascension Catholic Church or join us on the live stream by signing up here: http://www.catholic.com//summer-series

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By: Catholic Answers