Meet The Author Of Actual Malice: A True Story Of Fake News

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Meet The Author Of Actual Malice: A True Story Of Fake News
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Meet The Author Of Actual Malice: A True Story Of Fake News says
Actual Malice is a true crime thriller that will take you through the backrooms of political gamesmanship, deception, and cover-up. If it were a novel, readers would marvel at the rich character development, riveting pace, and often-bizarre twists that make Actual Malice a compelling read. The fact that it is scrupulously documented nonfiction is sobering.

If you know nothing about Gary Condit or the tragic death of Chandra Levy, there has never been a more engaging and thoughtful introduction to the sordid interplay between politicians, law enforcement, and the media. Actual Malice should be required reading for any public figure.

If you followed the story of the murdered intern and the congressman driven from office by one of the most intense media cyclones in history, Actual Malice will challenge virtually everything you think you know.


Join the Independent Voter Project and the City Club of San Diego on April 1st at 10 am for Coffee, Croissant, for a discussion with local author and attorney Bret Peace.

The reception and program will be held in the conference room of the Fermanian Business School of Point Loma Nazarene University.

The cost is $25, but includes an autographed copy of Bret’s book, “Actual Malice.”


"ACTUAL MALICE” goes into great detail about the tortuously mishandled investigation of Chandra Levy's disappearance in 2001, while also shedding rare light onto the life before this tragedy of former Congressman Gary Condit, who became a central figure in the case and the focus of virtually all of the obsessive media attention that detracted from actually solving the crime…”

“AS A LONG TIME Condit staff member and friend I knew from start he had nothing to do with Chandra's murder. This book contains many of the details of the actual investigation which were kept out of circulation at the time. It fills many gaps. It clearly details the failures of the police authorities to conduct a professional investigation. Some will blame Condit but its hard to hold him responsible for the police failure to check the apartment video tapes, and to fail in basic follow up. The press? They had a field day…”

“SUCH AN INTERESTING BOOK ... This is a sad fact of our ‘media’ and who we are. We WANT to hear everything bad and dirty,
Come join the San Diego City Club and meet local San Diegan and author of Actual Malice, Bret Peace, as he discusses the real story of Congressman Gary Condit and the documented corruption of our media and legal institutions.

Find the book on Amazon here:
Check out the San Diego City Club website here:
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By: Independent Voter