Muir College Council Winter 2016 Applications: Another One

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Muir College Council Winter 2016 Applications: Another One
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Muir College Council Winter 2016 Applications: Another One says
UPDATE: APPS ARE NOW DUE 2/16/16, aka you get an extra week to do the application! Awesome!

Guess what.
You can be the newest member of UCSD's Hottest Council, MCC.
Crazy right?
We have SIX open positions, THREE Internal voting, and THREE external non-voting.

Be SENIOR REP. Make sure your Graduation gets weird. Or doesn't get weird. Either way, it's been a fun 4 (or 5, or 3, or however many you took) years and end it on a high note by helping your fellow Seniors.

Be DIVERSITY ADVOCATE. It's a big world with lots of different and unique peeps, so let's celebrate that. Muir is more than a community, it's a home, so let's try and make everyone feel welcome.

Be COMMUTER REP. The school has little parking, bus lines take forever and you have odd class schedules, so try and make life better here for yourself and your fellow commuters.

Be SPORTS FACILITIES ADVISORY BOARD (SFAB) REP. The school brags about having the biggest something something west of the mississippi, so how about we make sure it's utilized right.

Be SPIRIT NIGHT CHAIR/MUIRCATS CHAIR. Interested in Spirit? Had fun at Spirit Night? Want to make Muir more lit and excited about campus sports? Then apply. Let's get weird.

Be HOUSING, DINING AND HOSPITALITY (HDH) REP. Go suggestions to improve the dorms? the food? the service? this is the position for you!

Plus, lot's of crazy stuff is gonna go down in our college in the next few years.
The planned construction of 6th College on the Muir Parking Lot?

There's always something going on, and the more voices on MCC the better.

It's never too late to get involved and learn about your college. If you want to make friends, PET DOGS, learn stuff, have fun, grow as a person, and give back to your college, apply for MCC.

Apps are due 2/16/16 at Midnight.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or shoot me a message.
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By: Muir College Council