Pigment Theory For The Oil Painter

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Pigment Theory For The Oil Painter
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Pigment Theory For The Oil Painter says
This is a Color Theory and Color mixing workshop for oil painters. The class will be part lecture and part hands on color mixing exercises. It will focus on imparting to you what local painter Stephen Curry has learned and developed over 30 plus years as an artist, studying color and artist pigments. This color theory class is less about the science of light and color and more about the physical nature of artists pigments. To help you to understand, for example, why mixing a red with a blue does not always make the intended purple and often makes mud. You will be introduced to the most versatile and contemporary limited color palette. You will learn how to use this palette, what colors to mix to get intended results, how to achieve color balance in your paintings and especially a broad view of how common artist pigments behave in a more predictable way to help you to be a better and more confident colorist.


Lecture, discussion and demonstration of the Co-primary palette.

Description and explanation of artist oil pigments and their working properties along with the use of a limited palette, Co-primary color mixing system and how to predictably achieve desired results.

Create a Color Wheel based on the Co-primary palette.

An essential tool for every working oil painter.

Painting exercise with complementary color scheme.

To experience the importance and versatility of the use of complementary colors and how to control them.
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By: San Diego Art Institute