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Protect The Sacred Benefit
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Protect The Sacred Benefit says
The world is watching as history repeats itself. We are entering into an era of profits over people, where corporations run rampant ransacking our rights while we watch in disgust. Native Americans have suffered through 500 years of colonization and oppression and the events at Standing Rock are no different. It is another attempt by the ruling empire to exercise their power and pillage land from its rightful owners. The area in question is located on the ancestral homelands of the Lakota, Mandan, Arikara, and the northern Cheyenne therefore the US army has no authority to evict the water protectors. They are being treated as trespassers on their own land, land that has been inhabited by their people before recorded time.

What is happening in North Dakota is beyond comprehension. What rights do corporations have to build an environmental nightmare into a river that’s the life source of an entire tribe? DAPL was re-routed through Standing Rock because Bismarck’s residents feared it could poison their drinking water. Yet the Sioux are being forced at gunpoint to accept ecological risks that North Dakotas white residents refused. Be on the right side of history and help right the wrongs on these protectors of the most sacred element to life: W A T E R

Artists and musicians have always been on the forefront of social change. On Sunday December 11th at Blonde Bar, we will join our voices and talents to support a cause worth fighting for. Throughout history, small groups of people have banded together to catalyze change in the world. Now’s our chance San Diego! 100% of profits for tickets sold and art purchased will be donated to Standing Rock. Come and rock out, drink while you think, and purchase art donated by some of the best in the city. Party for a purpose and prove why were the finest city in the union.

Protect the Sacred
Sunday 12/11
6-11 pm


Fake Tides
Los Shadows
Big Bloom
Dirty Dragon
Star Jungle


Aaron Glasson
Erin Bowman
Joelle Anderson
Terri Lee Harrell
Glennis Muldoon
Spenser Little
CJ Troxell
Celeste Byers
Stacey Krzywinski
Kyle Bowen
Melissa Walters
Tess Armstrong
Michelle Romero
Eye Gato
David Pena
Ashley Ryan
Foxine Jay
Chris Koneki
Carley Ealey
España Garcia
Josh Hunter
Tesia Summers
Jorge Gutierrez


Melinda Might
John Nelson
Victoria Larnach
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