Protest Muslim Ban San Diego Sd Day 2

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Protest Muslim Ban San Diego Sd Day 2
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Protest Muslim Ban San Diego Sd Day 2 says
Hello, we are coordinating this based on a previous event that happened today. We will be meeting at terminal two, check the specifics in the comments section. Our theme is NO BAN NO WALL.

We are at cross walk International arrival- police and airport security is awesome. Just keep an aisle open for wheelchairs and people -- as the crowd grows - it gets a bit difficult.

If you decide to join an airport protest, please remember that Federal, Department of Homeland Security enforcement are in place at our airports. This means, if you are detained, you will likely be held without recourse to an attorney and can be transferred and held indefinitely. Please make sure your people know to look for you and do regular check ins with them.

Immigration attorneys advise that only US Citizens can participate without grave risk.

If you are a US citizen, this is one way for you to leverage your privilege to help those with less.

Do not go to the airport if you are not a US citizen, even if you have a green card or work visa.

There is a need for Arabic and Farsi speakers at all airports but check to make sure that you go to the International terminal.

If you are detained, you should not answer any questions until there is an attorney present; there are attorneys at all of the major airports.

Do not sign anything until you have an attorney present.

And, h/t to a commenter who knows: Protesters can be and have been charged with terrorism. Know your risk.

Please use the hashtag #NoBanNoWall and #NoMuslimBanSD
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