Rediscover Your Magnificence ~ Let It Be With Tom Kelly | $35

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Rediscover Your Magnificence ~ Let It Be With Tom Kelly | $35
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The Soul of Yoga says
All is well! Why would you want to mess with that? Drop the burden of your life, negative self talk, fickle emotions, endless worries and restless desires. Admit yourself today into Divine Mother’s ICU – Intensive Caring Unconditionally. You came from a human mother’s womb but live eternally in Love’s cosmic womb. You came from being under water while staying alive merely by an umbilical cord; you now are struggling to keep you head above water while learning to breathe on divine love support. There is no survival on planet earth without Love. Snuggle up with Divine Mother and be assured Love is taking care of every detail of your life and all life. Rest in Love. Trust in Love. Surrender to Love. You are an immortal soul. Let it be. This workshop welcomes all worry warts, pack rats, material hoarders, and control freaks. Come one and come all.
Caution: divine frisking will definitely take place. It won’t be easy to hide your unhappiness stash.


Love is overused. It has almost become Trite to say. Love is not Trite. Life is not Trite.
Learn to UnTrite Love and Undo All Unhappiness in this series of unWorkshops facilitated by the renowned Tom Kelly.

Let It Be is the Third in Tom's 10 LoveShops. you don't have had to take the previous ones. You can take this one ala carte- or take all the rest as a package.

These LoveShops serve as your step-by-step guide to usher you out of your head—and into your heart. Reclaim Divine Love’s depth and experience who you really are – an immortal Soul.

Each three hour LoveShop will help you understand how to tap into the inexhaustible fountainhead of a soul truth within you. Experience and feel your Higher Self.

Unprogram & Undo all Unhappiness!
Build a step-by-step, personal spiritual practice
Rediscover your personal, intimate relationship with the Beloved
Uncover your enthusiastic devotion for drawing closer to Source everyday for the rest of your life
Setting the tone for Re-Discovering your Magnificence, our half-day retreat LoveShop, the Royal Path of Love, introduces you to an intimate, heart-opening and soul awakening upliftment of your little self into your Higher Self; and you don’t need to change a thing about yourself. Come exactly as you are experiencing life today. Through practices, processes, user friendly Love awakening tools and constant interacting with the Higher Self within you and others, the Royal Path of Love gives you a taste after taste of ten magnificent soul truths and qualities ready to be busted open from inside of you, wetting your divine appetite, and leaving you wanting more. It is highly recommended to attend Royal Path of Love prior to the Re-Discovering your Magnificence series, but not required.

“What is joy and laughter but the glorious sound of a soul waking up.” – Hafiz

Attend one, a few or all of the LoveShops. You choose. (Here’s a guarantee…if you leave it up to your soul, you’ll definitely come to them all)
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By: The Soul of Yoga

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