Second Saturday Sangha A Community Gathering

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Second Saturday Sangha   A Community Gathering
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Second Saturday Sangha A Community Gathering says
Second Saturday Sangha (SSS) July 8th, 2017 @ YOGA ONE
Theme: The Human Interweb

Part One (1:00-3:00): Our bodies consist of an interdependent web of connective tissue called fascia. While healthy fascia allows us to move freely, movement and postural tendencies, thought patterns, and stress can get caught in this web and manifest in the body as pain and restriction. For July’s SSS movement practice, led by Kaitlyn Hochart, we will combine sixty minutes of intentional and fluid asana and breathing, followed by a sixty minute full-body fascial release practice using lacrosse and tennis balls - a therapeutic experience designed to experience sensation, release tension, and calm the nervous system. (suggested donation $15)

Part Two: (3:30-5)- Our mind-bodies are interwoven, complex symphonies-- of sensations, then preferences around these sensations, followed up by language & images, which become thoughts and narratives. Our entire individual & collective history (karma) effect how this symphony plays out. This all operates in the background of the actions we ultimately do or do not take in our lives. Join Sarah Clark as she leads a 30 minute guided meditation to help us bring more clarity to this process. We'll follow the meditation with a talk & discussion about yoga's teachings on the 5 kleshas-- a map that helps untangle the processes that unfold in the body, then mind, then actions. These teachings help steer us away from reactivity & grasping and toward stability & freedom. (suggested donation $15)

SSS is a donation – based event. All levels are welcome. Come to all parts or bits!

See more details at 👉 COMMUNITY Second Saturday Sangha

Our Mission is:​​ to co-create an unhurried space for yogis and meditators to deepen parts of their practice that awaken us to the interdependent nature of our lives...
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By: Yoga One