Spotlight Films Showcase @ 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival, Presented By Lexus (March 12 22, 2015)

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Spotlight Films Showcase @ 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival, Presented By Lexus (March 12 22, 2015)

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Spotlight Films Showcase Commercial appeal and artistry collide in these crowd-pleasing and exciting films featuring some of your favorite stars. Damián Alcázar, Sandra Echeverría, Adal Ramones, Javier Camara, and yes, even Messi, are featured in these movies that are destined to become classics. Individual Tickets on Sale March 7th. For now, reserve a seat and support Cine Latino, by buying a FILM or FESTIVAL PASS: Algún Lugar Dir. Guillermo Zouain (Dominican Republic, 71 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) SAT 3/14 / 5:30 / DGC TUE 3/17 / 6:10 / S13 WED 3/18 / 5:30 / S13 Oliver, a middle class teenager about to graduate from high school, organizes a trip through the Dominican Republic with two best friends, Hemingway and Moisés. Each has a reason to embark on the journey - Oliver to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Veronica, before she moves to New York; Hemingway to escape his oppressive family, and become an established writer; and Moisés to document the trip as a farewell to his true passion of photography, before enrolling in civil engineering. The journey introduces them to unforgettable characters: Agustin, a Haitian, hitchhiking to the border; a famous photographer who shows them the importance of following your heart; and Marta, a beautiful artist, who reveals the possibility of a free and careless life. Oliver, Hemingway, and Moisés evolve past boyhood to the next stage of their lives with one constant, their friendship. Amor de Mis Amores Dir. Manolo Caro (Mexico, 95 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Romantic Comedy) SUN 3/15 / 7:30 / S1 SUN 3/15 / 7:45 / S2 TUE 3/17 / 7:00 / DGC SAT 3/21 / 3:00 / S12 Sandra Echeverría, Sebastián Zurita, and Marimar Vega lead an all-star cast in this romantic comedy that proves the possibility of love is truly just one chance encounter away. While Carlos travels to Spain to convince his best friend to attend his wedding, his fiancé, Lucía (Echeverría), accidentally runs over a cyclist named León (Zurita). Sparks fly between the two in what appears to be a classic case of love at first sight. However, Lucía is unaware that León himself is engaged to be married to Ana, the woman he thought was the love of his life. Hi-jinx ensues in a film that plays fast and loose with romantic comedy conventions; proving that in the case of modern love, everything is possible with an open heart. Bald Mountain Dir. Heitor Dhalia (Brazil, 100 min., 2014, Portuguese w/ English subtitles, Action/Western) THU 3/12 / 9:40 / S1 SUN 3/15 / 2:00 / S1 SUN 3/22 / 8:30 / S12 Set in the early 1980s during one of the largest gold rushes in Brazilian history, Dhalia’s sprawling, stunning cinematic canvas focuses on two friends, Juliano (Juliano Cazarré) and Joaquim (Júlio Andrade), who leave Rio de Janeiro with dreams of striking it rich. They head off to the Amazon, like thousands of others, and soon find that life in the enormous, dangerous mining camps alters dramatically as they struggle to survive. Soon, their obsession with wealth and power changes each of them in different ways, and threatens their friendship. A powerful exploration of greed, loyalty, and betrayal, Bald Mountain is visually captivating and a thrilling interpretation of the Western genre. Behavior Dir. Ernesto Daranas Serrano (Cuba, 108 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) FRI 3/13 / 8:00 / S13 TUE 3/17 / 10:00 / S15 SAT 3/21 / 5:00 / S12 Cuba’s 2015 Oscar Submission! Adulthood comes early for Chala, who at 11-years old must provide for himself and his addict mother by raising carrier pigeons and training dogs to fight. School provides a welcome respite for Chala who finds support and guidance in the gregarious Carmela, his teacher and sole advocate. One day, Chala is sent to live in a “re-education facility” much to the outrage of Carmela. She embarks on a crusade to have Chala released and, in the process, goes against the obstinate school board who remain unmoved by Carmela’s inspirational cause. Her unwavering tenacity rallies support from her peers, and together they become part of a movement that calls for significant educational reforms. Casi Treinta Dir. Alejandro Sugich (Mexico, 96 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Romantic Comedy) FRI 3/13 / 6:45 / DGC MON 3/16 / 4:15 / S12 SAT 3/21 / 7:45 / S13 Emilio, a young professional living in Mexico City, supposedly has everything he’s ever dreamed of: an amazing job, a beautiful apartment, and the perfect girlfriend. However, as his 30th birthday approaches, he begins questioning his happiness. A trip to his hometown for a friend’s wedding allows him to reconnect with the person he used to be. As he and his friends embark on a series of adventures, Emilio gains the insight to put his life on a track that truly leads to absolute dream fulfillment. Ciudad Delirio Dir. Chus Gutiérrez (Colombia/ Spain, 99 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Romantic Comedy) SUN 3/15 / 5:40 / S15 SUN 3/22 / 4:45 / S1 Javier, a shy Spanish doctor on a business trip in Colombia, meets Angie, a beautiful dancer and owner of a prestigious salsa school. He decides to extend his visit in hopes of successfully wooing Angie. The pressure of an important audition for DELIRIO, the most famous salsa show in the world, and their cultural differences create obstacles that hinder their forming a romantic relationship. However, a mixture of potential love and salsa dancing proves to be an undeniably efficient confection in this charming, sexy romantic comedy. De Arriba Para Abajo Dir. Juan Carlos Carrasco (Mexico, 90 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Documentary) THU 3/12 / 7:30 / S15 MON 3/16 / 10:15 / S15 World Premiere! This hilarious documentary follows acclaimed television presenter and iconic Mexican comedian Adal Ramones during his stand up tour in the United States. Viewers will become acquainted with Adal’s rambunctious but always supportive team, and will get to know a tender side of Adal never before captured on-screen. As the tour goes on, Adal must push through a palpable longing for his family, and turn to his loving fans for support. Eddie Reynolds y los Ángeles de Acero Dir. Gustavo Moheno (Mexico, 106 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Comedy) FRI 3/13 / 4:30 / S1 MON 3/16 / 7:00 / DGC THU 3/19 / 7:00 / S1 Rock n’ roll dreams are truly magical. For rockero Eddie Reynolds (Damián Alcázar), this dream has almost died. Then a second chance at rock n’ roll fame comes his way, and he needs to mend some much-needed relationships, especially with his estranged daughter. With redemption to the tune of a loud guitar, this film plays like a great rock anthem. Get ready to raise your lighters. Gloria Dir. Christian Keller (Mexico, 90 min., ,2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) SAT 3/21 / 7:00 / S1 SAT 3/21 / 7:15 / S2 One of the most controversial pop icons to ever exist, finally gets the bio-pic treatment we have all been waiting for. Gloria Trevi's roller coaster life is on full display in Christian Keller's debut feature film. Whatever you know about Gloria won't prepare you for what you’re about to see. Lake Los Angeles Dir. Mike Ott (USA, 85 min., 2014, English & Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) WED 3/18 / 7:10 / S13 SUN 3/22 / 5:30 / S13 Cecilia is a 10 year old girl from Mexico. When she ends up on her own, she turns the desert of central California into a fantastical world - creating characters and stories to make the hopelessness of the empty landscape a survivable habitat. She goes on this journey with Francisco, a middle-aged Cuban immigrant working at a holding house. Through their navigation of what was supposed to be both Francisco and Cecilia's promised land, they find a common hope in each other, while journeying through the hauntingly beautiful and desolate world of Lake Los Angeles. The third in Mike Ott's acclaimed Antelope Valley Trilogy. Messi Dir. Alex De La Iglesia (Spain, 97 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Biopic) SAT 3/14 / 7:15 / S13 MON 3/16 / 4:20 / S13 SAT 3/21 / 12:20 / S1 Messi is the name of perhaps the greatest player in the history of soccer. This endearing documentary/biopic hybrid captures the spirit of the unlikeliest superstar playing in any professional sport today. Iglesia's brilliant cinematic lens captures Messi's awe-inspiring prowess of the sport. A true experience for any supporter of the beautiful game. Mr. Kaplan Dir. Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay, 98 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Dark Comedy) SAT 3/21 / 5:30 / S13 Mr. Kaplan is a 70 year old Jewish man living in South America. He is virtually a stranger to his family and has lost his way in life. He becomes convinced that a quiet German man who frequents a nearby beach is a runaway Nazi. Mr. Kaplan sets a plan in motion to kidnap the German and send him to Israel. Along the way, he will forge a friendship with the unlikeliest of individuals: a modern-day Sancho Panza who is also adrift in life, in this winning dark comedy. O Candidato Honesto Dir. Roberto Santucci (Brazil, 110 min., 2014, Portuguese w/ English subtitles, Comedy) SAT 3/14 / 5:00 / S15 TUE 3/17 / 4:30 / S1 FRI 3/20 / 10:00 / S13 Politicians are known to be deceitful, duplicitous, and unscrupulous. Now, what would happen if a political candidate was completely incapable of lying? O Candidato Honesto is a brilliant re-imagining of "Liar Liar," set against the backdrop of corrupt Brazilian politics. Olvidados Dir. Carlos Bolado (Bolivia, 110 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) THU 3/12 / 8:00 / S13 SUN 3/15 / 2:50 / S2 Damián Alcázar stars in Olvidados, an unbelievably powerful film that takes place during the Operation Condor campaigns in South America. This system of military repression coordinated in the '70s by the dictators of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay took away all possibilities for freedom and peace; and these repressive dictatorships carried out the worst bloodshed and painful era in modern history. Riding 79 Dir. Karola Hawk (Puerto Rico, 80 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) SUN 3/15 / 4:30 / S1 THU 3/19 / 10:15 / S12 Co-Presented by the House of Puerto Rico Dealing with the loss of a father and his mother’s emotional abandonment, a teenage boy becomes fixated on a dancer named Stella. When he finds out she’s performing 79 miles away from his home in San Juan, he becomes determined to do whatever it takes to meet his idol. Tercer Grado Dir. Geoffrey Cowper (Spain, 80 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Action) SAT 3/14 / 5:25 / S13 FRI 3/20 / 9:50 / S15 SAT 3/21 / 10:15 / S13 On his first weekend of parole after 5 years in prison, Mark Rodriguez witnesses the armed robbery of a security van. His brother's critical situation and his own feelings of remorse will lead him to take desperate measures. His only help will be a young and sexy stripper he met the night before. This electric and grungy thriller paints a picture of desperation in a world devoid of hope. Todos Están Muertos Dir. Beatriz Sanchís (Mexico/Spain, 93 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Comedy/Drama) THU 3/12 / 9:45 / S15 THU 3/19 / 7:30 / S15 SUN 3/22 / 2:45 / S1 Ever since her brother died, Lupe has lived an agoraphobic life and is constantly at odds with her teenage son and her superstitious Mexican mother (Angélica Aragón). It takes a drastic Day of the Dead ritual to wake her up and teach her the value of truly saying goodbye. With a classic rock en español vibe, this dramedy delivers beautifully subtle performances amidst a magical realism backdrop. Vacas con Gafas Dir. Alex Santiago Perez (Puerto Rico, 93 min., 2014, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Drama) SUN 3/15 / 12:00 / S1 FRI 3/20 / 9:15 / S1 SUN 3/22 / 4:30 / S2 Marso, a lonely and eccentric painter and art professor, faces inevitable eye loss due to a sudden illness. This drives him to attempt to rectify the relationship he has with his daughter; as he reconciles why he’s a man of many professional successes, but very few substantial personal relationships. La Vida Inesperada Dir. Jorge Torregrossa (Spain, 105 min., 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Comedy) SUN 3/15 / 8:00 / S15 THU 3/19 / 9:30 / S1 SUN 3/22 / 9:45 / S2 Javier Cámara stars as Juanito, an actor who moved to New York in search of fame. Many years have passed, and he has yet to experience the success he hoped for. When his cousin comes to visit, who apparently has "everything one expects to have,” Juanito is forced to come clean about his feigned accomplishments. Both men are ultimately challenged to discover what’s truly important, in life in a comedy about taking advantage of life’s fortuitous moments. Individual Tickets on Sale March 7th. For now, reserve a seat and support Cine Latino, by buying a FILM or FESTIVAL PASS:

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