Tantric Therapy Training Certification With Guru Kirin

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Tantric Therapy Training Certification With Guru Kirin
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Tantric Therapy Training Certification With Guru Kirin says
From Meltdown to Bliss Activate the Power of Love, Become a Tantric Therapy Love Coach

Tantric Therapy Training Certification Program, Part 2,
with Guru Kirin Khalsa, Lead Trainer and Mahanraj Kaur Support Trainer

Friday thru Sunday, July 17, 18 & 19 Cost for training $350

The Aquarian Age is about co-evolution, from power over, to shared power, moving from the 3rd dimension to mastering all ten dimensions.

In Tantric Therapy I we focused on individual healing. In part two we will be focusing on the healing power of relationships. We have three levels of consciousness, individual, group and cosmic.

“By loving another human being and by merging your identity you will learn to merge your individual identity into the total cosmos…Y.B.”

You will learn to uplift all your relationships from the confinement of the finite into the freedom of the infinite through specific practices. You will learn techniques to move into the infinity of divinity with your own self and to guide others on this elevated path.

This is the activation of the divine feminine and the divine masculine which will guide the way to knowing our true selves as gods and goddess visiting planet earth. We will be anchoring in the touchstone of healing for ourselves, for others and for the planet for the actualization of the Aquarian Age.

What will I get from the training?
•You will learn: How to be a Love Coach for heart centered relationships including
•Conscious Heart Centered Communication for win/win in all relationships
•The numerology of relationships, understanding & working together with soul, karma, gift, path and destiny numbers
•The path of tantra for sacred relationships, (understanding white, pink & red tantra)

What kind of experiences/exercises will I do in the training?
•White tantric kundalini heart opening & partner exercises
•Ajna chakra Activation to stabilize divine identity
•Balancing of the tattvas and the gunas, (elements and qualities in every body)

Exercises and mantras to Activate the Sutras of the Aquarian Age for divine tantric relationships:
•Recognize the other person is you
•There is a way through every block
•When time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off
•Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times
•Vibrate the cosmos; The cosmos shall clear the path
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By: Kundalini Crazy