The Enneagram Workshop: Exploring The Nine Psychological Types. With Christine Tomasello.

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The Enneagram Workshop: Exploring The Nine Psychological Types. With Christine Tomasello.
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The Enneagram Workshop: Exploring The Nine Psychological Types. With Christine Tomasello. says
The Enneagram is a validated personality system that identifies 9 distinct personality "types". The system is based on the belief that each type has its own unique desires and fears that influence our thoughts, behaviors, and choices. While we have all 9 types within us, we have one (in rare cases two) that are most dominant. The unique desires and fears of our dominant type influence how we experience the world, what we are naturally drawn to, our unhealthy relationship patterns, and even some of our strengths and challenges. They even impact how we might approach running a business!

The objectives of this class will be:

- Learn about the Enneagram system and its 9 distinct personality types.
- Develop a thorough understanding of your dominant type and the basic needs associated with it
- Understand how your dominant type has influenced important choices and actions you’ve made in the past.
- Identify the strengths associated with your dominant type and how to leverage them to the fullest to life joyfully.
- Explore how your dominant type may be contributing to repeated challenges you’re experiencing in your life.

This class will take place Sunday, August 2nd 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Controversial Bookstore. 3063 University Ave San Diego, CA 92104

Price: $25.00 (non-refundable)

Class size is limited, so don’t delay.

Please Buy your tickets here:

******All workshop participants will receive a free Enneagram report for their dominant Enneagram type. Once you know your dominant Enneagram type, be sure to email Christine so she can bring your free Enneagram report to the workshop!

While it is not necessary to complete the Enneagram assessment prior to the workshop, it is highly recommended. We will be discussing each of the 9 different types in detail, so knowing your dominant type beforehand will help you get much more out of the workshop that pertains to you personally! You can take the free assessment or a paid assessment ($12) at The paid assessment is longer and more thorough, leading to more valid results. But the free test will get the job done, too!******

Christine is a recovering pessimist whose passion is helping people learn to thrive in life. She has her Masters in Counseling and is the founder of Joyful Coaching, where she offers individual coaching, couples coaching, and group workshops in the San Diego area. She’s been studying the Enneagram for several years and considers it one of the most powerful tools to build awareness and ignite transformation in her clients lives. In her personal time, she's a newly-discovered introvert who likes to spend her free time reading and making the rounds at all the coffee houses in San Diego!
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