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For Scheduling, Rulebook and Membership information please visit http://www.flowrider.com/flowtour/ or E-mail Adam@FlowRider.com

Wave House San Diego 10 Year Anniversary week! Come on out to Sunny California and enjoy and action packed week of flowboarding events, discounts and parties!

Monday- Ride with a Pro (Bodyboarding Sessions)
Tuesday- All day ride, eat, drink specials
Wednesday- Ride with a Pro (Flowboarding Sessions)
Thursday- Flow Tour Contest
Friday- Flow Barrel Amateur Qualifying Contest
Saturday- US Open of Flowboarding Contest - Invite Only
Sunday- All day ride, eat, drink specials

Travel Recommendations:

San Diego Airport
15 minutes to venue



Practice Times:

June 17th - 6:00-8:00pm
June 18th- 8:00-9:00am

Event Start Time: 9:30am
Event Break: 12:00-2:00pm

Entry Fees/Divisions:

Register Online: http://www.belmontpark.com/flow/

Fill out the waiver here: http://www.belmontpark.com/flow/flowrider/waiver/

All entries MUST be complete and submitted to the FLOW Tour director or hosting venue prior to event practice. No entry refunds will be given if the competitor does not attend the event. (Subject to reasoning)

Mens Pro Flowboard - $50
Womens Pro Flowboard - $50
Pro Bodyboard - $50

Mens Flowboard (18+) - $35
Mens Bodyboard (18+) - $35

Womens Flowboard (all ages) - $35
Womens Bodyboard (all ages) - $35

Junior Flowboard (17/under) - $35
Junior Bodyboard (17/under) - $35

Masters Flowboard (35+) - $35
Masters Bodyboard (35+) - $35

Youth Flowboard (12/under) - $35
Youth Bodyboard (12/under)- $35

Additional Amateur Division: $20

- It is enforced for all competitors to pay a Flowboarding League Of the World (FLOW) membership fee to compete in the 2015 North America FLOW Tour season.


- The yearly member fee will be $30 for all divisions. This onetime fee allows the rider to enter any FLOW sanctioned event and will give the rider a national ranking in their specific division. A rider may also choose to pay the “per event” fee, which will be $10.

- Competitors entering both Pro Divisions will pay the flat entry fee rate. For instance, if a competitor chooses both PRO divisions (Flowboard & Bodyboard) the total entry sum for the individual will be $100.

-If a competitor chooses to enter one Pro Division and one Amateur Division, competitor will pay the PRO entry fee of $50 and $20 for the additional Amateur Division. For example, Pro Flowboard and Men’s Bodyboard, the total entry sum for the individual will be $70.00

Scoring Process/Judging Criteria:

Each riders run are broken down into 3 categories:

1.) Execution 2.) Difficulty 3.) Variety

• Judges will submit a score (1-10) for each individual rider after each run.

• Once the rider has had their three runs, their top two scores will be added together to give a final score out 20.
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By: FLOW Tour