'We' Dance Circle With Raina Lorraine De Lear

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'We' Dance Circle With Raina Lorraine De Lear
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'We' Dance Circle With Raina Lorraine De Lear says
In this Sunday's 'We' Dance Circle session, we will explore the threads that weave us together in our collective unity with one another and our world.

We will set the stage to open into discovery of our personal "set tone" and the impact we have on one another ... and finally, we will collectively engage in the art of fun!

************ Ongoing intention of the 'We' Dance Circles ~ we explore essential dance principals, areas of investigation may include:

O Explore what we ‘feel’ and what we ‘think’ we feel in terms of our ‘no’ and our ‘yes’

O Attune ourselves to the subtle energies

O Bring awareness to the programs that may be overriding our somatic intelligence

O Discover our personal continuum of confronting and "making nice".

O Examples of subtle non-verbal cues for communicating no to our dance partners.

O Learn to identify triggers and the art of decoupling unconscious energies that can take over and become the dance.

O What to do when the non-response to those cues happens (as it naturally may at some point in the dance).
** Subtle ‘no room for confusion’ ways of communicating non-verbally on the dance floor
** Direct verbal communication

As we grow our dance community 'we space’, our dance gets juicier, our soft under bellies reveal themselves and ... magic emerges. Our intention is to create a container of safety and clarity for our dance community. As each one of us becomes empowered with new tools, we become a powerful space holder for ourselves, our dance community and our world.

*** SAVE THE DATES for the upcoming 'We' Dance Circles:
4th Sunday November 22
3rd Sunday December 20
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By: Dance Church Encinitas

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