Brewed To Laugh Comedy Night With Matt Claybrooks And Davey Wester

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Brewed To Laugh Comedy Night With Matt Claybrooks And Davey Wester
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Brewed To Laugh Comedy Night With Matt Claybrooks And Davey Wester says
Our Brewed to Laugh Comedy Night is back for it's 4th installment and boy do we have a doozy for you!

Relentless, provocative, edgy, and hot are just some words that have been used to describe screenwriter/comedian Matt Claybrooks. Born and raised in Compton, Claybrooks learned about the harsh realities of life at an early age and how to use humor to cope with them. Claybrooks has always been fascinated by television and movies. He actually cried after seeing the motion picture E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. This movie inspired Claybrooks to go to film school. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a major in film and electronic arts. While in college, he created a variety show entitled The Black Artist Review and also made several short student films. After college, Claybrooks wrote and directed the feature film comedy, Going Back to Cali.

Claybrooks added television writing to his resume when he got a chance to write for the show Everybody Hates Chris, the show that chronicles the life of comedian Chris Rock. Claybrooks wrote the episode “Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes.” This is the first episode where young Rock becomes interested in the world of stand up comedy. After working on Rock’s television show, Rock brought Claybrooks along with him as a consultant on his first world tour. The tour, entitled the No Apologies Tour, covered the globe. Australia, London, and New Zealand are just a few places they took the Rock machine. Along the tour, Claybrooks worked with Rock on several screenplay ideas. Rock soon hired Claybrooks to write Life Lessons, a feature script about a successful Wall Street stockbroker who is forced to prepare a bunch of losers to pass the GED. Claybrooks loves all things comedy.

He inevitably jumped onto the stand up comedy scene, where he regularly performs at some of the hottest comedy clubs and some of the worst dives in Los Angeles. His style is political, socially aware, and raw. Claybrooks has opened for some of today's biggest comedians on the planet, including Damon Wayans, Paul Mooney, Tommy Davidson, and Pablo Francisco. If you're easily offended, his show is probably not for you.

Davey Wester was discovered by Mitzy Shore the owner of The Comedy Store in Hollywood in 2003, and has been a comedy store regular ever since.

Davey's worked with the Director of American History X, Tony Kaye, and was selected for a series called The Excentrics, which also included Thomas Jane and Larry David. Davey has been doing comedy for 13 years. He was on The TV show Kimora Russell, and was also on TMZ with Pauly Shore. He's worked with Robin Williams, Bill Burr, and Bobby Lee. He recently was a cast member on a TV pilot with Russell Peters.

Your host and emcee of the night is Seattle Native Simon Kaufman who was on Season 4 of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo and recently performed on the Seattle-based sketch comedy show "The 206".

Tickets are $10 in advance and $18 at the door
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By: Pyramid Alehouse, Seattle

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