Cait Willis "Ritual" At Co Ca Un[Contained]

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Cait Willis "Ritual" At Co Ca Un[Contained]
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Cait Willis "Ritual" At Co Ca Un[Contained] says
Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Multi-media artist Cait Willis is our current CoCA Lab Artist in Residence. Please join us for her multi-media presentation of "Ritual" on Saturday, October 10, 6-9pm at CoCA UN[contained] at Equinox Studios. Part of Georgetown Art Attack. Ride the Art Van. Free admission!

Special thanks to cinematographer and producer, Aaron Bourget, for his assistance.

"Through social media platforms where data compression introduces glitches, this ghost in the machine reminds us that no matter how well curated we attempt to present ourselves to the world, there will always imperfection.

Glitches occur in DVD, MP3 and JPG formats when data is compressed and data is lost. However, in it's place can be glitch artifacts such as 'staircasing,' when two different frequency through compression accidentally harmonize, causing a rainbow stripe pattern to pop up.

Using images lifted from YouTube, Skype, DVDs and TV, and inspired by ritual magic and works of literature such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Atrocity Exhibition, The flip side of the curated self, the feral, frenzied and hypnotized is not unlike the glitches in data."

~Cait Willis

About CoCA Lab Artists in Residence Program
CoCA Lab provides individual artists or artist teams the opportunity to transform our space into a living art laboratory. Artists are invited by CoCA curators and have included international artist Dr. Phoebe Ching Ying Man (Hong Kong), sound artist Nat Evans, installation artist Michelle de la Vega, composer Jovino Santos Neta, filmmaker Adam Sekuler, visual artist Alan Fulle, and installation artist Celeste Cooning since the program's inception in April 2014.

CoCA Lab is supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture, Seattle Foundation, individual donors and CoCA members.
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By: CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art)