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Community High Seat
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Community High Seat says
Offered by Mykol Radziszewski & Melissa Rosenberger

A monthly ceremonial Seidr gathering

The High Seat Ceremony is a simple and powerful ceremony of conscious mediumship. During the ceremony, Seidr practitioners serve as conscious mediums to the wisdom and healing of the compassionate deities of the Seidr tradition. From this place of compassionate communication with the divine, the practitioners serve the community in oracular and healing functions.

Information regarding High Seat Requests:
In addition to asking a question of the High Seat you are welcome to ask for blessings or help in a specific area of your life. You can also come in pairs for partnership blessings. One role of a community ceremony is to provide support to members of the community, so feel free to bring to the High Seat aspects of your life that are challenging and relationships that could use healing support. You may also approach the Oracular High Seat with a healing intention.

As the time practitioners can sit on the High Seat is limited, please bring questions that are from the heart and deeply relevant to your life at this time. We recommend the practice of thinking of a question and then "going deeper" three times to get to the core/root of the issue, then ask the question that is from the root. You can also simply ask for help in a particular area of your life, or ask for a blessing. The Healing High Seat is a straight-forward transmission of healing energy and does not require any advance preparation, though you may have an intention. It is customary to dress up for High Seat Ceremonies, either by wearing “ceremonial clothing” or just looking nice. Wear what feels good to you.

Self-Care for High Seats:

- In the interest of maximizing our energetic potential, on High Seat days, and for ceremonies in general, consider eating high-energy nutritious foods, make sure you have electrolyte supplementation, and ideally be reasonably to well-rested. These are suggestions, not requirements.
- Self-care after ceremony: Sometimes it can be helpful to replenish electrolytes, take salt baths, and get some rest after ceremony, especially if you have participated in any of the support roles or were a seeker.
- You may bring items to be "charged" under the High Seat. Please remember to retrieve them when the High Seat is finished.

$10-30 suggested donation.
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By: The Cunning Crow Apothecary