Digital Downtime W/The Coloring Project / Capitol Hill Coloring Conversation And Coffee

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Digital Downtime W/The Coloring Project / Capitol Hill   Coloring Conversation And Coffee
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Digital Downtime W/The Coloring Project / Capitol Hill Coloring Conversation And Coffee says
Join us for 2 hours of coloring, conversation and coffee. You can meet people, make new friends, learn some new coloring skills … or you can just relax, unwind and color.

Get in touch with your inner artist and leave your workday, the phones, the meetings, and the kids / partners / boyfriends / girlfriends behind and just chillax.

Adult coloring – it’s hip, it’s fun and it’s GOOD for you! No “talent” necessary! And NO - It’s not JUST for kids! It’s SIMPLE. You can do it ANYWHERE. You can do it at your own PACE. There are NO RULES, NO RIGHT or WRONG. Coloring has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. It also promotes mindfulness and allows creativity. Coloring gives you access to your own creativity and self-expression – with a structure that’s a little less scary than a blank page and an instruction to draw.

The Coloring Project provides coloring supplies including colored pencils, markers, and coloring pages for everyone that attends, as well as your choice of postcards/notecards to color from The Coloring Project's product line. Got your own? Bring’em along!

Meetups are $5 which helps to keep up with Meetup Fees (yes – there are meetup fees ), room reservations, admin time, and coloring supplies.

Please support the hosting café by buying the drink or treat off your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Do I need to bring my own Coloring supplies? NOPE! :) If you've got them, great! If you don't, The Coloring Project will supply colored pencils, markers and some coloring pages to choose from.

* Do I need to know anyone to join? Absolutely not! The best part of the meetups is that you get to meet new people and create new connections.

* How big are the groups? Our groups vary in size but usually run about 12-15.

* Do I need to "Chat it Up" during the meetups? It's a no to that one as well. Talk or not, you're there to color. If you're looking for some quiet time to color - you can have that too!

* Can I purchase coloring books and products there? ABSOLUTELY! All of the Coloring Project's products will be available at each meetup. If you want to give them a look see - here's the link:

* Why is there a cost for the meetups? From the bottom of my heart, I love to gather people together and contribute to the world. However, in order to cover my costs and keep up with admin time, Meetup fees and coloring supplies, and room reservations, I have found I need to charge a small fee for the meetups. If you have any questions about this – please feel free to contact me directly :)
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By: The Coloring Project