Elections 2016: Us Senate Candidate Forum For Washington State

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Elections 2016: Us Senate Candidate Forum For Washington State
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Elections 2016: Us Senate Candidate Forum For Washington State says
Dear Candidate, Citizen, Journalist,

The Churchill Society of Washington State invites you this Saturday to join the only Candidate Forum to take place in Washington State this electoral season. And although all the political candidates have been invited to meet the journalists and the assembled Media -- this event is specifically aimed at the United States Senate Candidates on behalf of Washington State. Therefore we invite you at the Columbia Tower Club where all the Candidates will be assembled in order to be interviewed in a Q&A format by the leading journalists from the major MEDIA Outlets of the city & state, as well from the TV news journalists and newscasters of all the major networks in this state.

We aim to rekindle the old Debates of yore that gathered the civic and business leadership of Seattle and Washington State to interview and question the Candidates for the highest legislative office in the land on behalf of the State of Washington -- the US Senate and other top offices. Here is the link to the Churchill Society's events and think tank meetings RSVP page: http://www.meetup.com/ChurchillSociety/events/232741065/

In all honesty, our Constitutional Republic and the Ethics of Democracy request, if not dictate, that you attend this Great Town Hall Debate & Candidate Forum, and also inform your constituents to attend in order to be seen as an honest Candidate, and in order to live up to your Reputation as the Voter's Choice...

"What is needed now more than ever is Leadership that steers us away from fear and fosters greater confidence in the inherent Goodness and ingenuity of Humanity" --Jimmy Carter

Please reply herewith and RSVP at this Facebook event page www.facebook.com/events/1620482718281521/

In conclusion we invite you to participate in our Democracy in Action, as a partner in the Town Hall Candidate Forum that we enact, with all the Senatorial Candidates as a lively Q&A debate, this Saturday at the top of Columbia Tower. There will be a wine reception and networking hour, following the on stage Q@A of the Senatorial Candidates, for one on one discussions between all political candidates with the journalists in attendance.

Yet, if at all possible please RSVP also here, besides the FB page, in order for us to have a running tally of attendees: www.meetup.com/ChurchillSociety/events/232741065/
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By: The Churchill Society of America