Hush Hush Presents: Yarn With Special Guest Andy Thorn Of Leftover Salmon

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Hush Hush Presents: Yarn With Special Guest Andy Thorn Of Leftover Salmon
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$ 15.00 / Age 21 And Up

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Even the most dire circumstance can offer opportunity for new beginnings. Just ask singer/songwriter Blake Christianaor any of the other members of the once Brooklyn based Americana band called Yarn. At least that's the conclusionthey came to after a period of real life challengesthat left the band splinteredand unsure of their forward trajectory. Internal tensions were simmering.A new album was scrapped. A major move from Brooklyn to North Carolina added to the uncertainty. For a band that seemed forever on the verge of a big breakthrough, the future suddenly seemed cloudy."We were dealing with real life issues," Christianaexplains. "Broken relationships, a sense of having to regroup and put some things -- and people -- behind us. That's what I was writing about lyrically in the new songs and it became kind of a catharsis.Nothing was contrived.We didn't have to relate to it in the third person. We were living these circumstances, and that gave us the impetus and inspiration to share our sentiments. Ultimatelythose setbacks and difficulties led to new opportunities and allowed a little light to shine through."Christiana's referring to the band's album, the boldly optimisticThis Is the Year. A seamless blend of vibrant, inspired, back porch melodies and narrative,descriptive lyrics that detail the challengesfaced when one's life is jolted off its bearings, the record documents in detail the band's determination to move forward while balancing precariously on a line that forms a border between love and hate. It's an album about re-evaluating relationships, making tough choices and sometimes skirting the rules, a tack that was inspired by musicians they admire -- Waylon and Willie, Merle Haggard and other Texas troubadours with a distinctlyrenegade reputation.In an era of click-baitand sound bites, Yarn provides a real experience. They're not just a live band, they're a band for people who want to live.
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