Is It Rude If I Ask How You Pay The Rent?

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Is It Rude If I Ask How You Pay The Rent?
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Is It Rude If I Ask How You Pay The Rent? says
Saturday, May 21, 3-5 pm
6007 12th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98108


The Alice is often asked:

"So... how do you pay the rent?"

Whispered in lowered voices at openings and during gallery open hours, the question is performed furtively and apologetically, as if it is inherently rude. But we don't mind sharing. We're asked so often that we decided to publicly workshop our own conversations about how we run The Alice as we grow into our second year of existence. That way, everyone can learn from our process, and we can learn from everyone's experience.

Come, and we'll tell you how we manage to keep ourselves going. Maybe we'll even say what we pay our landlord.

Arrive any time after noon to watch all of the videos and take in the exhibitions. After our chat, please, join us at the closing reception for Legal Tender + Processing from 5-8pm.

Some questions and observations to consider before we talk:

1. How do you nurture an artist-run space that wants to support artists and show a variety of work without focusing obsessively on turning profits - while also covering your own expenses and working to get your artists paid?

2. How do you do it when you don't have access to independent wealth, or even a steady income?

3. Artists, how do you wish galleries treated you financially?

4. Galleries and coalitions and organizations, what do you do about all this? How much do you pay per month?

5. Can we imagine more fulfilling structures than a standard 50/50 gallery/artist split on sales?

6. What responsibility does our space have to the broader neighborhood and community where we reside?

7. What to do when a gatekeeper closes the gate, or the fundraising server breaks?

8. What Should The Alice Do?
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By: The Alice