Madness: Yushi Takei

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Madness: Yushi Takei
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Madness: Yushi Takei says
Q Nightclub presents Madness from the mind of


Widely regarded as one of the top tattoo artists in the world, Yushi Takei is renowned for utilizing the traditional ‘skin poke’ method to execute his style which simultaneously evokes both beauty and raw grit. Originally from Japan, he’s since traveled the globe showcasing his craft while drawing praise along the way from the industry’s elite. Although the foundation of his work remains strongly based off his Japanese roots, Yushi has evolved his style over the years by channeling his many globetrotting experiences into his craft. We’ve handed the reins over to him this week and can’t wait to see what Madness awaits us on Saturday as we go inside the mind of Yushi Takei.

With Performances by:
Bass Ventura, Hot Damn!, Jon Lee, Roy G. Biv, Zero Cool

Each Saturday night, a different guest art director will construct their own vision of MADNESS by creating a living, breathing hallucination from within their mind. They will work for weeks to imagine digital environments for the walls, design costumes for performers, conceptualize unique characters, and coordinate with Q's tech team to create the moments of theater that will help define this new creative approach.

This dramatic step in nightlife will utilize an arsenal of HD projectors to create living digital environments that take guests on a journey through tropical rainforests, into underwater worlds, or blast them into far off galaxies, all at the whim of the art director.

Anything that can be used as a brush in this painting will be. The staff, the walls, the guests, the music… everything will be manipulated to create the story. We hope you join us for what we believe will be a radical change to the way that nightlife is enjoyed.


When you've experienced everything, there's only one place left to go....
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By: Q Nightclub