Regardless, Melanie Noel (Rescheduled)

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Regardless, Melanie Noel (Rescheduled)
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Regardless, Melanie Noel (Rescheduled) says
*** Tenatively rescheduled due to storms 10/14 - 10/15 ***

4 Performing Artists
4 soliloquies
4 one-week multimedia exhibitions
‚Äčopen to the public Saturdays 2-7pm

Regardless installations are urgent, one-day productions. On each Saturday morning in the series the artist comes to The Alice with a prepared soliloquy. Before the Alice opens, the artist will perform the soliloquy for a camera (or cameras). After The Alice opens, the footage will play back as a 1-3 channel installation for gallery audiences.

Week 1- October 15th- Melanie Noel is the author of The Monarchs published by Stockport Flats in 2013. She grew up in Oregon and lives in Seattle, Washington. Her poems have appeared in Weekday, LVNG, La Norda Especialo and THE ARCADIA PROJECT. She's also written poems for short films and installations, and co-curated APOSTROPHE, a dance, music, and poetry series, with musician Gust Burns and dancers Michèle Steinwald and Beth Graczyk, and curated IMPALA, a reading series that took place in her grandmother's car. She sometimes teaches experiential workshops meant to invoke synesthesia.

Melanie was raised by a league of unusual North American marsupials. Lacking a tail, she slept in an oak knoll while the rest of her family hung upside down. Their dreams, having only one direction to go, landed in her head. She's been recording them ever since.


Artists in the Regardless series (Melanie Noel, Dewa Dorje, Anastaica Renee and Soyoung Shin) engage with radical forms of "self-talk", either in their artwork or in their working process. Their strategies include splintering identities into several characters, addressing hypothetical others, rationalizing ad nauseum, conversing with ancestors through craft-based tasks, investigative body comedy and having an internal dialog that involves outside collaborators (real or imagined). These unique self-talk models become platforms to critique power, navigate experiences of intersectional oppression(s) and/or to embrace the ego as an ecosystem beyond a traditional performance of "the self".

Regardless runs in tandem with the final weeks of the presidential election. While these works may or may not address contemporary politics, this mode of soliloquy suggests radical modes of thinking and being that are directly opposed to dominant debate-style rhetoric in the media.

Regardless also runs up to the start of daylight savings time- 2am on Nov 6th- a seasonal transition that marks a loss of daylight hours and sharp turn inward for many people.
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