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Sean M. Johnson's Turn
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Sean M. Johnson's Turn says
TURN. Twelve artists. Twelve exhibitions. One piece.


The collaborative series continues as Sean Johnson takes the piece for the month of August. What will remain from the work received? What will be handed off to the next artist?


TURN is a year-long collaborative exhibition platform, where twelve artists take turns transforming a single piece.

To start, one artist is selected to create a piece for opening night. Each ensuing artist takes it for one month, shows their progress for one evening, then hands it off. Changes to the piece may be made to any degree, so long as some physical or aesthetic part of what's received remains.

During these monthly exhibitions, when the indefinite work comes into focus, the exhibiting artist proposes a title and a conclusion to the finished piece. What do we call it? What do we do with it when we're done?

At the end of the final exhibition, a title and a conclusion are chosen. Finishing the process, one last gathering is held to deliver the piece to its chance destination.

Created by Shaun Kardinal


2015/16 Series

Julia Freeman
Robert Hardgrave
Victoria Haven
Sean M. Johnson
Shaun Kardinal
Max Kraushaar
Jeffry Mitchell
Emily Pothast
Joe Rudko
Kimberly Trowbridge
Final artist anonymous by request

Directed by Shaun Kardinal
Hosted by Joe Bar, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Exhibitions every Fourth Tuesday, July 2015—June 2016

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