The Tractor Presents: Roots Rockers The Wind & The Wave @ The Sunset

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The Tractor Presents: Roots Rockers  The Wind & The Wave @ The Sunset
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The Tractor Presents: Roots Rockers The Wind & The Wave @ The Sunset says
$ 10.00 - $ 12.00

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WHO: The Wind and The Wave are Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn. (Dwight is “The Wind” and Patty is “The Wave.”) The two met in 2009 when Dwight, a touring musician turned songwriter and producer, who’s worked with such artists as Bob Schneider and Brandi Carlile, was urged by his wife to actually leave his studio (“I’m kind of a hermit,” he says) and go see a friend’s band. Patty’s previous band was opening the show.

“I hate complimenting her,” Dwight jokes, “but Patty was pretty captivating to watch.”

“I thought he was intimidating,” Patty says with a laugh about her first impression of Dwight. “A few weeks later we went out with a group of people for sushi and I remember not saying much.”

“She was mousy and shy and quiet.”

“Not anymore. Now I burp in meetings.”

“Yeah, now you can’t shut up,” Dwight says. “I created a monster.”

“Dwight is like my other half,” Patty says. “He eats what I don’t in the trail mix and vice versa. Cashews are the best.”

“Cashews are disgusting.” Dwight says. “Yeah, it’s really adorable to watch us every morning eating oatmeal together on the road. We’re like 90-year-old women gossiping about shit, and her going, ‘Can I have your nuts?’”

Declaring Patty’s voice the best thing about her band, Dwight expressed an interest in working with her, which led to his producing several of her projects. A creative partnership was born. The two describe themselves as being “cut from the same thread” and “rarely on different pages.”

WHAT: Last year, The Wind + The Wave released their debut album From The Wreckage with RCA Records. The album glows with a rootsy golden tone that encompasses everything from indie-folk, to alternative, to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia. The raucous first single “With Your Two Hands” sounds like it could have been written during an impromptu back-porch jam session. Baker and Lynn have just released their second single, “It’s a Longer Road To California Than I Thought”.
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By: Tractor Tavern