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A roundup of the tastiest bourbons on the block

Have a ball sipping on one of these best bourbons any day of the week

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Bourbon whiskey lovers know that this barrel-aged distilled spirit, made mostly from corn, is more than a drink – its an American pastime. Originally from France, bourbon has made a name for itself in the American South, and particularly in Kentucky (and on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, of course). Different bourbons have different compositions, intensities, flavor profiles, depths, and textures owing to the duration of their aging and the ingredients and processes of distillation. While each one has its own character, its hard to say that one is better than the next. Why not be fair, then, and give all of the ones on our list a try? (Just maybe not all at the same time).

Creek crunk

Named after the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln, Knob Creek is a bourbon that stands up as well alone over ice as it does in a cocktail.

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Mighty strong

This 115 proof bourbon from Old Forester is hard to beat at this price point. This bottle is dubbed “prohibition style” since its recipe reflects what bourbons from the early probation era tasted like, i.e. strong.

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Top of the line

For a bottle you’re saving for a very (very, very) special occasion, the rare Pappy Van Winkle 23-year Family Reserve is an absolute must. With a long, spicy and sweet finish, enjoy this tipple neat. 

$3,999 on


Tin man

Known as much for its durable stainless steel can as what’s inside of it, this award-winner is filtered through charcoal and infused with roasted coffee beans for a flavor you won’t taste anywhere else.

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On the quad

As close to a five-star bourbon as it gets is Four Roses. The epitome of stellar Kentucky bourbon, this bottle will be a hit at your next party. (But we’ll understand if you keep it to yourself.)

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