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The most durable hard shell suitcases

Tough it out on your next trip with one of these great hard shell suitcases

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who like a challenge and those who appreciate a hard shell suitcase. Thanks to a variety of sleek new designs, hardside suitcases have become more popular over the last few years. Many of them are even lighter than their soft side counterparts. Plus, of course, there’s the durability aspect; the best hard shell luggage doesn’t wear easily and is super protective, so when you travel and other luggage is piled on top of it, your precious cargo won’t get smushed. We’ve rummaged the internet for the top hardside suitcases to fit every need and budget, so all you have to do now is pick one.

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The best hard shell suitcases

1. Sizing up

This 28-incher is the perfect size for fitting all of your travel musts without going overboard (literally!). Make the most of this pragmatic, wallet-friendly hardside spinner.

$99.99 on

2. Globe-trotting

For the most luxurious option when looking for a compact hard-shell suitcase, take a gander at this Globe-trotter Centenary carry-on. It’s made in England from vulcanized fiberboard with leather trim.

$1,620 on


3. Budget-friendly

For a cost-efficient and generally efficient large hard shell suitcase, try the Highrock spinner from US Traveler. An anti-abrasion surface means it won’t get scratched up easily, either.

$76.99 on

4. Big is beautiful

“The Large” from straight-shooting luggage label Away is “big enough for a full wardrobe” and comes with an interior laundry bag, interior compression system, and unbreakable shell.

$295 on


5. Print-out

There’s no reason not to consider the most fashion-forward and unique option when choosing a hardside, book-opening suitcase. This number comes in cool prints like white marble, popsicles, and soccer balls.

$81.31 on

Light and airy

6. Light and airy

If not doing any heavy lifting sounds good to you, go for the suitcase that has “lite” in its name. This large textured hardside is easy to push around, maneuver, and lift, making it your on-the-go BFF.

$174.99 on


7. Large and in charge

This 30-inch Hartmann spinner has a shimmery surface and plenty of storage space. Its spacious packing compartments and innovative features make it a top contender.

$600 on

What's in store

8. What's in store

The Sympatico CX expandable spinner from Briggs & Riley is all you can ask for in a hard shell suitcase. It has a matte, sleek surface, dynamic design, and the so much efficient storage that you will wonder what else you can pack!

$628.95 on


9. Well-coordinated

There’s no better feeling than strolling through the airport with a brand new, matching luggage set that doesn’t look like you borrowed it from your great aunt. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury collection is your multi-piece answer.

$150-$200 each on

10. Luxury redefined

Bric’s is the label you turn to for Italian- made, high-end luggage. This 30-inch suitcase boasts leather accents, a built-in lock, and plenty of other bells and whistles.

$650 on

Walk the line

11. Walk the line

Delsey provides suitcases that create the happy medium between affordability and quality. This four-wheel beauty has all the goodies of more expensive versions without the sticker shock.

$377.99 on

12. Like a rock

Rimowa plays the durability game well. All about reinforcement, convenience, and quality, the Bossa Nova model is midsized, high-performing, and not too hard on the eyes.

$1,150 on


13. Handling the situation

The Weplus spinner is totally sturdy and features two high-elasticity TPR handles that won’t break on you when it matters the most.

$89.99 on

Expanding by the minute

14. Expanding by the minute

This Tumi expandable spinner is a dependable and practical choice in the world of luggage. It’s attractive, spacious, and smartly compartmented to accommodate all types of garments and keep them in place.

$716 on

Jumping for joy

15. Jumping for joy

When CalPak came up with this confetti-printed suitcase, they probably knew how pumped it would get travelers. Stow this one in the overhead bin and celebrate all the way through your journey.

$135 on

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