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The best running shoes for men

Reach the peak of fitness and look great while doing it with our selection of the best men's running shoes

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Men, listen up. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a solid pair of running sneakers but haven’t had luck making a decision, we totally understand – the struggle is real. Running shoes are often a great accessory to a daytime outfit or even for going out (thank you, athleisure) and, of course, they're an essential element in any active man’s lifestyle. Helpfully, for you, we’ve assembled a list of the best running shoes out there. So toss your ratty old gym shoes in favor of some of our new favorites.

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Our top picks for men’s running shoes

Like a boss

Fashion, meet function. Hugo Boss has made a lightweight slip-on running shoe with details like superior cushioning and a rubber-reinforced toe. We’ll sign you up.

$220.99 on

Bounce, baby

The HOVR Sonic running shoe from Under Armour will make you feel like you’re floating on the pavement and bouncing off of it at the same time.

$79.98 on

In the air

The Nike Air Max sneaker has gotten a makeover since we’ve seen it last. This tough-looking running shoe is based on a classic design and made for comfort thanks to an air-filled midsole.

$160 on

Brooks brotha

Street swagger and running performance come together in this Brooks sneaker. A two-piece midsole and strategically placed cushions mean more mobility and ease of movement than a typical running shoe.

$99.99 on

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