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The travel accessories you can’t live without

For journeys near and far, you’ll want these by your side – it's our pick of the best travel accessories

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

It’s always travel season here at Time Out. Though traveling can be a hassle, there are plenty of accessories for that will make your experience easier, faster and more glamorous. The right bag or camera can take any vacation from ordinary to extraordinary. A solid luggage scale and an efficient travel wallet can keep you organized and prepared for what’s to come at the dreaded airline counter. It’s important to pick and choose the accessories that will enhance your journey and reduce stress. From tech to fashion, we have got you covered with the can’t-miss travel accessories you need to make your next trip (and every trip) complete.

Grab these must-have travel accessories

Island in the sun

These super stylish flat-lens sunnies from Ray-Ban are totally on-trend and timeless at the same time. There's no reason why protecting yourself shouldn't look this good.

$188 on

Get papers

This slender travel wallet from Smythson has dedicated slots for your passport, a card, tickets, boarding pass, and other documents. This beauty is made in England and ready for its closeup.

$430 on

Man of the world

This is Ground specializes in roomy and luxurious dopp kits that allow you to store everything from your razor to your moisturizer. Don’t worry, your manscaping secret are safe with us.

$130 on

Drink up

A S’well bottle is one of the most important travel accessories. Keep it filled up for ‘round-the-clock hydration on any adventure, near or far. It’ll keep your water cold for 24 hours and is BPA-free.

$35 on

Fanny fun

A belt bag, also known affectionately as a fanny pack, is all the rage. No bag is more useful for a sight-seeing excursion than this pretty, woven Rachel Comey number.

$398 on

An iPhone charger and USB stick in one convenient tool, this Instacharge keychain is not a travel accessory to miss out on.

$24.95 on

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