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Concert outfits that will rock your socks off

A comprehensive style guide for music lovers –  here's what to wear to a concert

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Before they cue the music at the next gig you’re slated to attend, you’d better make sure you have your sartorial act together. That’s right – what you wear to a concert is a pivotal part of setting the mood for the evening. Besides, if concerts are all about artistic expression through music, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same through your clothes, right? From floral printed dresses to sleek and simple shorts, concert clothes should be flexible, comfortable, breathable, lively, and most of all, statement-making. So whether you’re looking to spend a pretty penny or save up for drinks, you can take a tip from this lineup.

What to wear to a concert

Flower child

Woodstock called – it wants its jeans back. If you’re looking to make a ‘60s, free-spirited statement in denim, these jeans will help you do it.

$38.40 on


Keeping track

The eternal track suit isn’t going anywhere. This saturated blue hoodie is soft, relaxed, and has a storage pocket for your phone and credit card (or ten years ago, your lighter).

$220 on


Smells like adult spirits

Headed to a throwback grunge concert? Put on your men’s Nirvana logo t-shirt, get in the zone, and rock out. If you lose your voice, we can’t say we didn’t warn you – but hey, that's rock 'n roll.

$12.99 on


Dress up

If you’re hitting a concert where you’ll be dancing and drenched, a sundress will be your ultra-comfy and flexible best friend.

$24.99 on


Sing it

Reminiscent of the early ‘90s, this shredded-seam androgynous plaid shirt says you’re ready to rock and make no apologies.

$395 on


Denim diva

These must-have white Citizens of Humanity jeans are great for wearing just about anywhere, including to your next big pop concert. Comfortable and stylish, you'll be able to cheer and dance around no problem.

$198 on


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