VOLTA, photo Nicholas Winter
  2. Solo Project during Art Basel
    Solo Project during Art Basel
  3. Scope in Klybeckquai Basel
    Scope in Klybeckquai Basel

The other art fairs at Art Basel

A bird’s eye view of Art Basel’s satellite fairs

Written by
Michele Laird

Art Basel has been around for 45 years and continues to attract visitors from all over the world, but a stringent selection process means that only leading galleries get to show there. As a result, four satellite fairs have emerged over the years to allow lesser-known galleries to get a crack at the whip. Dotted around the city, with shuttle buses connecting the venues, they destroy the myth that art is only for the rich cognoscenti. Most of them open ahead of the official dates of Art Basel (18-21 Jun) and stay open for the entire week. Admission is between CHF17 and CHF22. 

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Entering into its 46th year, Art Basel remains the dean of all art fairs dedicated to modern and contemporary art and the annual meeting place for anyone in the art world who wants to be seen. 
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