Where to go in Zurich for a first date

Written by
Emily Rose Mawson

You’ve plucked up the courage to ask that special someone out on a first date, but the question remains: where are you going to take them? Location can be a deal breaker, so to help you on the road to romance, we have rounded up our favourite first date spots in Zurich

Up high

Let Zurich do the talking: lake, mountains, beautiful architecture – what could be more romantic? From Clouds in the Prime Tower to Uto Kulm atop Uetliberg, meet for a drink and let the view do the rest.

The zoo

Afraid your date might be a bore or you’ll run out of conversation? Plan in plenty of entertainment from the monkeys at Zoo Zurich.

A coffee shop

It’s a classic: pick the right one and the conversation will flow. We like Café des Amis for its cute interiors and relaxing ambience.

Ice skating

Shake any ideas of a dodgy high school dance with strobe lighting and bad music. Set in romantic woodland, the Dolder ice rink, the largest of its kind in Europe, makes for a sumptuously glamorous first date.

Food market

They say food is an aphrodisiac, so give it a helping hand with a visit to a market. Stroll hand-in-hand around the stalls, share cupcakes or pick up ingredients to cook a nice dinner later (depending on how well the date goes …).

Thermal baths

So you’ll need to bare almost all, but you can hide underwater – and the romantic views from the rooftop pool at Zurich Thermalbad are worth it. Maybe just don’t go as far as the Roman-Irish spa on a first date …

A pub

This is ideal for sending a laidback vibe. Depending on the type of date you want, you may prefer to opt for a slicker wine bar. Whatever you decide, Zurich has a multitude of options.

The farm

There’s nothing like cute animals to make you feel all cuddly. You could also go and pick-your-own fruit and veg (but the weather needs to warm up a bit first).

Boat trip

Do like Kate and Leo (though hopefully with a happier end) on a cruise on Lake Zurich. The Late Risers Brunch, which is held on board every Sunday, is a particular favourite of ours.

Fondue in a tuk-tuk

Snuggle up around the caquelon (fondue pot) as your guide whizzes you up and down Niederdorf, across Quaibrücke and along Bahnhofstrasse. There’s a cover on the tuk-tuks that provides privacy from curious passers-by, so you’ll have your date all to yourself.

Posh restaurant

We admit, it might come over as a bit try-hard, but who doesn't want to be completely spoilt with a delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant? Baur au Lac's Rive Gauche is always a sumptuously romantic choice, and it is hosting a special Valentine's dinner this February.

Just looking for something special to do with your loved one? Time Out Switzerland has lots of romantic ideas for things to do around the country.  

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