Interview with Swiss-based DJ Sabb

Sabb gets chatting about Zurich's hottest underground party spots ahead of his anticipated set at Montreux Jazz Festival on July 15


Where in Switzerland do you reside?

I moved back to Switzerland two years ago. I'm now living with my expectant girlfriend in a garden apartment with a great view over the lake of Zurich in Meilen. I enjoy the luxury of having this green space around us and being able to pick fresh salads, cucumbers, peppers and herbs from our little garden. Meilen is just 10 minutes by train from the very center of Zurich, so I can also enjoy the city time easily any time I like. It’s a great balance.

Tell us about the nightlife scene in Zurich and the clubs you play there, we hear it’s a lot more underground than people think.

Indeed. Nightlife in Zurich is very rich with very cool underground indoor and outdoor events. Summer is especially nice, with good weather and great off-location parties. It’s good to try to have an eye on spontaneous happenings because these kinda parties are extraordinary in Zurich! Here I mostly play at my 'home' called Hive positioned at the famous Geroldstrasse near Hardbrucke. Another cool venue in the city which I enjoyed playing is Supermarket, it’s actually right next door to Hive. The nightlife scene is very much alive and thriving, almost every day you find something going on and packed clubs.

Where do you go when “off duty” in Zurich?

My lady and I enjoy the quieter places when I’m "off duty".

When we feel like vegetarian food, we enjoy going to Hiltl. For great dinner with that real urban Zurich feeling we like to go to Krokodil near Langstrasse. Our favourite pain au chocolat we get at John Baker, plus there’s another place nearby that does amazing coffee, it’s called The Bank. Breakfast we sometime have on the tiny terrace of Kafi Dihei: their croissants and breakfast are amazing, I can highly recommend!

On sunny days I love to spend time on green spaces like Rentenanstalt or the China Garden where we play football and have BBQs or cool off in the lake. Whenever there is sunshine these places are filled with laughter and great moods all around you, it’s such a lovely atmosphere!

An authentic spot I really enjoy going to eat momo (dumplings) is called Tibetasia in District 5 of Zurich, originally introduced to me by my girlfriend and is now one of my absolute favourites. For my late night bite I go to the famous Palestina Grill where different scenes clash peacefully and enjoy a great falafel together. It’s located at Langstrasse, right next to the bar Long Street and is an absolute must try!

What's in store for you over the summer?

I’m really looking forward to is the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux for the 10 Years Rakete' celebration on July 15. This summer is going to be be my second time playing during the Street Parade on August 13: the shows will happen at Strandbad Mythenquai during the evening and during the night I perform at the Zurich hotspot Hive.

Sabb will playing at Montreux Jazz Festival July 15 at Strobe Klub.

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