Zurich train station
Hp.Baumeler/Wikimedia Commons

94% of Swiss train commuters aren’t wearing face masks

Video footage research shows most people are shunning face masks while travelling

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Time Out editors

A new study has found that only 6% of people travelling by train are using face masks. The research, carried out by traffic engineering and consulting firm Swisstraffic on behalf of Tamedia, used artificial intelligence to analyse video footage taken from train stations in Zurich, Lausanne and Bern to analyse whether people were wearing face masks (Swisstraffic says that it did not use facial recognition technology and did not identify individuals).

The study (reported in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper) captured video footage of around 10,000 people, only 6% of whom were found to be wearing face masks.

Lockdown measures around Switzerland have been significantly relaxed over the past weeks, but although there is no legal obligation to wear a face mask when using transport, the Swiss Government recently advised people to “always have one with you on public transport”, alongside other official guidance to “wear a mask if you can’t keep your distance.” Face masks are compulsory at public demonstrations.

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