Bain de Paquis, Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Photo: Daniela Turcanu

Geneva is giving tourists free money to spend in the city

You read that right

Written by
Tristan Parker

Stop the press: it turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch. Or a free dinner or breakfast, in fact, or even a free stay at a hotel – if you’re holidaying in Geneva, that is.

To help kick-start tourism once again after the inevitable drop in numbers during the pandemic, Geneva Tourism is offering visitors 100 Swiss Francs (around £84) to spend around the city. For free.

As for where to spend your cash, take your pick from over 100 businesses, including numerous hotels, restaurants (a few Michelin-starred venues are on the list), cafés, bars, museums, galleries – even a yoga studio if you need to keep up the cat-cows while you’re away.

There’s no catch, as such, you just need to be staying in Geneva for at least two nights (which, let’s face it, you probably will be) at one of the approved hotels on the vast list, where you’ll be given a Geneva Gift Card loaded up with the cash when you check-in. It’s only one card per room, but before you start complaining about how it should be one per person, let’s just remember: free money, ok?

We won’t waste your time and ours by republishing the massive list of venues participating, but you can find them all on the Geneva Tourism website. Just remember to spend your gifted cash wisely and gradually. Or just blow the whole thing on pizza and beer if you feel like it – this is free money we’re talking about, right?

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