People of Zurich! Tell us what you love (and hate) about life in your city by taking the Time Out Index survey

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In what’s been a relentlessly strange and awful past 12 months, one constant topic of conversation is what people have been missing: big things like friends and family, small things, such as regular haircuts done by a professional… There’s been a lot. And one thing that’s framed it all is a realisation of just how much we miss exploring the cities we’re in, which act as the backdrop for so much of our lives.

However, things are slowly, cautiously and very gradually beginning to look more positive, and people are starting to talk about – whisper it – the future. Which is why we’re launching the Time Out Index once again. Our annual survey asks people living in cities around the world to tell us about their lives – what they like to eat, where they like to go, what they like to do, and also how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking.

The results produce a global snapshot of city life that reveals some fascinating insights and usually a few big surprises along the way. And this is where the good people of Zurich come in, because we want to hear about how living there shapes all those topics we mentioned above, and lots more. It’s thanks to people like you telling us all this good stuff that we’re able to paint this ginormous, city-shaped picture.

The survey only takes ten minutes to complete and, honestly, it’s actually pretty fun to answer. So, dive in by clicking the link below and tell us all about life in Zurich right now, whatever that might look like. 

Take the Time Out Index 2021 survey.

And when you’re done with the survey, remind yourself of all the awesome things to do in Zurich by clicking here and exploring the city.

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