The feelgood party of the summer? Miami Beach’s Do Not Sit on the Furniture is heading to Zurich

Written by
Adam Bloodworth

Granted, the name ‘Do Not Sit on the Furniture’ sounds like a grumpy demand from a family member, but don’t be fooled: this epic party might just be the highlight of your summer.

On Saturday July 6, Do Not Sit on the Furniture lands at The Tree Festival on Zürichhorn, and frankly, this is the most excited we’ve felt about a party in years. What’s so special? Well, Do Not Sit is a comprehensive celebration of the history of dance music, meaning it’ll appeal to both newbies on the scene and anyone who grew up in the early ’90s as dance music as we know it emerged.

The nights are run by a man you can trust: US DJ Behrouz Nazari, one of the leading figures of America’s West Coast house music movement and a man whose nights became so legendary that they warranted the opening of the Do Not Sit club in Miami Beach in 2013.

Over half a decade later, Behrouz and his wife Megan are translating the spirit of the Miami club to a Zurich setting for the first time (although Behrouz has played in Switzerland under his own name before). ‘Do Not Sit fuses my 25 years of experience in dance music,’ Behrouz says. ‘We play music that touches your soul, and brings communities from across the globe together.’

Do Not Sit On the Furniture

 ‘The community we have created in Miami Beach has led to everyone asking us to put on Do Not Sit parties in their cities,’ says Behrouz. ‘Zurich has always been one of my favourite cities to play in and I’m truly humbled with all the support and love I have been getting from locals.’

Do Not Sit is grounded in house and techno, but follows ‘no set formula’, other than the challenge to constantly surprise party-goers. ‘With current technology that does become harder,’ admits Behrouz. ‘But it also makes me work harder to find those tricks that people can’t Shazam, and bring that surprise element into my sets.’

Do Not Sit on the Furniture comes to The Tree Festival in Zurich on July 6. Tickets CHF33.50.

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