“Glitterbox is euphoria” – Defected Records boss Simon Dunmore on his wild and wonderful party

As the colourful, cult club night returns to Zurich, we ask the founder what makes it so appealing
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By Adam Bloodworth |

What’s the deal with Glitterbox?
“Glitterbox is a party based around euphoria – the feeling you used to get from house and disco parties back in the day. The party is all about the connection between the DJ and the crowd, which we think has been missing over the last few years.” 

How come it’s evolved so fast?
It’s just simply down to great music, great DJs and great people. When you get that combination then it’s always going to be a great party. Everybody says, ‘what’s the secret to the success?,’ and yet it’s the most obvious thing in the world to me.” 

How does the Glitterbox crowd differ from your Defected Records parties?
The Glitterbox crowd is broader in every aspect. Broader in sex, people’s sexual preferences, colour, age. Defected is a serious house label, based around sounds that the house scene may be enjoying at that moment in time, whereas Glitterbox is based around disco and classic house, which I think is more universal and has greater and wider appeal. There is some synergy: I see people at our Glitterbox parties that I also see at our Defected parties. Disco is enjoying a real revival and I think that just brings a more diverse crowd.”

Photo: Gavin Mills Photography

Glitterbox is at  Kaufleuten, Zurich, on April 14 and August 4.

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