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Switzerland’s incredible cable cars, gondolas and funiculars

Switzerland boasts more than its fair share of amazing cable cars. Take a journey up the Alps with us...

Roger Gruetter
Enjoy the view from the Titlis Rotair gondola

Gazing into an icy chasm from a glass box strung on a wire? Travelling up the Swiss mountains can be scary, but let’s be honest, it's thrilling, too. And from cable cars to their smaller counterparts, gondolas, or even vertigo-inducing funiculars, Switzerland packs a punch when it comes to record-breaking modes of mountain transport. We’ve rounded up the most amazing, so clamber aboard for a hair-raising ride.      

Titlis Rotair gondola

This is the world’s first fully rotating gondola, which slowly spins around 360 degrees during its five-minute trip towards the summit of Mount Titlis from the Engelberg resort.

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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Zermatt’s Matterhorn Glacier Paradise network of mountain lifts connects the Valais resort with the highest cable car station in Europe (3,883 metres above sea level). 

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Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway

It is no mean feat of engineering that can overcome more than six kilometres and 1,000 metres’ altitude within 30 minutes. But that is just what the Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway does.

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Gelmer Funicular

Of all Switzerland’s modes of mountain transport, the Gelmer Funicular freaks us out the most. With a maximum gradient of 106 per cent – no, that’s not a typo – this rollercoaster-esque funicular is the steepest in Europe.

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Canton of Bern

Giessbach Funicular

Renowned among Sherlock Holmes fans around the world, the Giessbach Falls also have another claim to fame: the funicular that travels to them is Switzerland’s oldest that is still in operation. 

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Titlis Xpress Cable Car

The new Titlis Xpress cable car has arrived! From mid-December you'll be able to ascend Titlis mountain from Engelberg to Trübsee then on to Stand in just 16 minutes. 

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