The future of flying has arrived in Zurich

Flying around Europe doesn’t have to involve a time-wasting mix of endless queues and discomforts. Surf Air is a new service offering a better way to travel – and it’s now operating between Zurich and London
Surf Air

There’s no getting around it – flying around Europe is a hassle. You have the stresses of booking tickets, airport parking, security queues and having to board along with scores of other passengers. But there is a more comfortable and convenient way to get around – Surf Air, the planet’s first private air travel club, which is now operating twice-daily flights between Zurich and London. Read on to find out more and how to get 50 percent off your first flight.

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A smarter, better way to fly

Your own private airline

Surf Air is the world’s first private members airline. For a single monthly subscription fee, it offers you unlimited or single flight passes on executive aircraft between London and Zurich and beyond. Enjoy huge time savings and other benefits of private jet travel without the expense and hassles of chartering your own plane.

Save time

A Surf Air subscription gives you back the time you waste when travelling by air. Its seamless mobile app allows you to book your Zurich-London trip in seconds and you can arrive just 15 minutes before departure. Because Surf Air's aircraft use private terminals such as Zurich's ExecuJet, you skip the security lines and the traffic that builds up around major commercial airports. On every flight you take, you’ll save an average two hours, winning you crucial extra time for whatever is most important – refining that pitch, exploring the city, or enjoying dinner with your family.


Private luxury

All of Surf Air’s aircraft flying the Zurich-London route seat just eight passengers and have custom-built interiors to give you that private jet experience on every trip. Membership also brings a personalised club experience, which includes access to an executive Surf Air lounge before take-off.

Surf Air


Surf Air has just increased its Zurich-London service. It is now offering convenient morning and evening departures from both the ExecuJet private terminal in Zurich and the London City Airport Jet Centre. Twice-daily Zurich-Luxembourg and Zurich-Munich services will also be launched in February 2018. Having begun operations in California in 2013, Surf Air is rapidly expanding across Europe with more destinations to follow soon. Visit Surf Air to discover price plans and sign up for your monthly membership, which you can now pay for using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Enjoy 50 percent off your first Zurich-London trip

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