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Comedy legend

Bob Newhart

immediately raises a smile as the elderly elf framing the story of Santa's biggest little helper. Buddy (Ferrell) is different because he's a human, brought back to the North Pole as a baby when he strayed into the old boy's sack during the Christmas run. He's been raised in the traditional elfin ways of industrious good humour, but now it's time for him to venture to distant New York and discover his real father is a grumpy publisher (Caan), who naturally thinks his 'son' is a dangerous loony. Must be the tights and the pointy hat. What follows is a fairly predictable 'fish out of water' romp with seasonal bells on. Nevertheless, Favreau delivers the cornball sentiments with an adept balance of irony and sincerity, sprinkling felicities in the margins - cult crooner Leon Redbone voicing a stop-motion snowman, indie fave

Zooey Deschanel

as the department store helper giving Ferrell understandable tingles, and a particularly successful running gag enshrining the significance of etch-a-sketch in elf culture. Some humour might sail over the heads of the very young, but there's a higher chuckle rate for the grown-ups than much dread 'family' fare.


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Jon Favreau
David Berenbaum
Will Ferrell
James Caan
Zooey Deschanel
Mary Steenburgen
Daniel Tay
Edward Asner
Bob Newhart
Faizon Love
Peter Dinklage
Amy Sedaris
Michael Lerner
John Favreau

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4 out of 5 stars
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Sure it’s yet another Christmas movie with all its cheesy cheerfulness and good feelings, but this one is definitely worth a watch.

Ferrell is amazingly convincing, playing his elf character with endearing innocence. You can’t but laugh at his struggles to adapt to modern America (which is nothing like the North Pole).

This movie has an undeniable charm that will win you over. Sentimental without being over the top, it’s a refreshing holiday classic.