National Lampoon's Animal House

Film, Comedy
Dean Wormer, National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

Time Out says

Beer barrels shatter windows, rock'n'roll blares out, havoc rules in this sharp, college-campus-of-'62 crack at American Graffiti. An unashamed sense of its own fantasy is coupled with classically mounted slapstick; nostalgia mixes with cynicism in seductive proportions; and John Belushi's central performance as brain-damaged slob-cum-Thief of Baghdad is wonderful.


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Cast and crew

John Landis
Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, Chris Miller
John Belushi
Tim Matheson
John Vernon
Verna Bloom
Tom Hulce
Cesare Danova
Peter Riegert
Many Louise Weller
Stephen Furst
Karen Allen
Kevin Bacon
Donald Sutherland

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