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Sustainable star decoration
Image: EdyandFig / Etsy / Time Out

11 of the best sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Looking for sustainable decorations this Christmas? These baubles, bunting and crackers will make your festive season a whole lot greener

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

Christmas, inevitably, is a time of excess. And excess also means waste. But winters spent throwing away inordinate amounts of packaging and buying kitschy Secret Santa gifts are over. Apparently, a whopping 227,000 miles of wrapping paper and 17.2 million Brussels sprouts are thrown away each year. That’s a lot of stuff for one day.

There are a lot of easy steps you can take to reduce your impact on the planet while still having a festive time, though. You can now rent Christmas trees, which is a pretty decent way to spruce up your home and not have to deal with a fake one taking up space in the spare room for eleven months of the year. And if you hate mince pies and other festive foods that come with loads of packaging, don’t bow to peer pressure: just don’t buy ’em.

Plus, it’s really rather easy to deck out your home sustainably these days (and we promise no one will even notice). So, looking to track down some eco-friendly decorations this Christmas? Here are some of our favourites.

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Best sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas decorations

The baubles
Photograph: Nkuku

1. The baubles

These tiny, shimmering baubles look extremely refined, but they’re actually made of recycled hammered glass. Get them in either smoke or gold to match your Christmas colour scheme. 

The crackers
Photograph: RSPB

2. The crackers

These dinner-table essentials contain plastic-free gifts in plastic-free packaging. Made of recycled paper, the contents replace the usual naff keyrings and golf tees with wooden tree decorations – a gift you might actually want. 

The candle
Photograph: Gold Moss

3. The candle

The makers of these wintry candles, Gold Moss, plant a tree for every order, and all their materials are vegan and ‘cruelty-free’. Light the Festive Fig candle while eating your Christmas pud, or try Winter Lodge to get extra cosy on chilly evenings. 

The octopus
Photograph: Feltsogoodltd / Etsy

4. The octopus

Everyone’s favourite holiday creature – the octopus, obvs! – is immortalised in this felt tree ornament. It’s biodegradable, handmade and fairtrade, plus its bendy limbs mean it can perch basically anywhere in your home.

The stockings
Photograph: Magic Linen / Etsy

5. The stockings

The names of these minimalist linen stockings are extremely evocative: think ‘clay red’, ‘olive green’, ‘woodrose’ and ‘cinnamon’. They’ll add an earthy feel to your fireplace, but more importantly, they’re also made of textile leftovers, making them totally zero-waste. 

The origami stars
Photograph: EdyandFig / Etsy

6. The origami stars

These delicate paper origami stars look great dangling from a tree or hanging in a doorway. They’re made of upcycled vintage sheet music, and come packaged in biodegradable wrapping.

The honeycomb
Photograph: SteamerLaneDesign/ Etsy

7. The honeycomb

This cute honeycomb decoration is made of sustainably harvested maple in a solar-powered California workshop, meaning it really is good for the planet. It’s perfect for the horticulturist in your family (or just someone who really loves bees). 

The rooster
Photograph: GreenTreeJewelry / Etsy

8. The rooster

Made from sustainably sourced birch and wrapped in recyled office paper, this feathered friend rules the roost. It’s multi-purpose, too, as it can also be used as an oil diffuser. 

The garland

9. The garland

Sometimes all you want from a decoration is a bit of colour. These hand-felted garlands are made in solar-powered factories using rainwater run-off, and they’re very, very bright – making for an extremely festive addition to your interiors. 

The wreath
Photograph: Selfridges

10. The wreath

These extremely glitzy wreaths will add a touch of glamour to your front door – while helping the planet. They’re embellished with baubles, bows and other Christmassy bits from charity shops, giving retro decs a new lease of life. 

The tree
Photograph: Doris Brixham /

11. The tree

Okay, this one is slightly different to your standard set of baubles: it’s literally the whole tree. But it really doesn’t get more impressive than this full-size fir, made out of found bits of wood and ready to use every year (tbh, it even looks great left up all year round). 


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