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Courtesy SFMOMA/Henrik Kam

How we do the DO List

Here’s how we select the very best things to do, all over the world

Written by
Time Out editors

Time Out’s DO Lists champion the very best experiences all over the world. They are the quintessential bucket lists for travellers who want to go out like locals, and locals who want to experience their cities like travellers—partaking in the coolest, most unique activities on the planet right now.

Time Out’s recommendations are by expert local writers, and all recommendations are based on first-hand knowledge. Time Out is independent and never influenced by advertisers; our commercial content is clearly labeled as such. (For more information on our affiliate partnerships, click here).

For a venue to make one of Time Out’s DO Lists, it has to be amazing—that’s a given. But we want more than that. We’re looking for authentic, unique experiences that are truly memorable and of-the-moment, and will give visitors an inside look at the spots that make each of our destinations tick.

We also strive for variety, both geographically and thematically. We want to cover the breadth of all a destination has to offer from north to south and east to west, as well as the depth of that destination’s offerings: from cultural institutions to outdoor adventures, iconic bars and eateries to weird and wacky pit stops worth making.

As such, some of these places are established, big-ticket icons; some are under-the-radar local favorites; and some are truly quirky, off-the-beaten-path options. Whether we’re writing about the most well-known attraction in the city or the hidden gem only a few locals are hip to, we’re opinionated, passionate and specific about why each place makes our list.

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