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How are you feeling about post-lockdown life?
Image: Time Out

Survey: Tell us how you’re feeling about post-lockdown life

As restrictions ease around the world, we want to hear from you what returning to ‘normal’ looks and feels like right now

Written by
Lucy Christopher

Over the last few months, our daily lives have changed in unprecedented ways. In the global crisis, our cities have ground to a halt, with shops shuttered, bars closed, restaurants empty and cultural institutions deserted. Most of us have spent more time confined to our homes than we ever have before. Life has been scary and stressful, as we’ve worried about the health of our loved ones and what the future might hold. It’s also been incredibly tough on the local businesses that we love to champion.

At Time Out, we’re all about going out and discovering the best of our cities. So 2020 has been strange for us too, as we’ve pivoted to being Time In and found new ways to engage with the world around us, whether that’s been by taking cookery classes live-streamed from an Italian grandma’s kitchen, watching Broadway shows online, ‘visiting’ virtual art galleries or just making sure that we really appreciate our daily walks around our neighbourhoods. 

Right now, the world is shifting again. Some countries are starting to welcome travellers, lockdown restrictions are tentatively being eased and our cities are beginning to open up – and we want to know what that feels like for you, so we can make sure our content is useful, helpful and inspiring in your post-lockdown world. Are you desperate for a pint at your local, or a meal at your favourite restaurant? Maybe the thought of life returning to ‘normal’ makes you feel nervous? Perhaps lockdown has changed the way you think about socialising or exploring your city going forward?

Let us know how you’re feeling about life in your city right now.

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