Lumen Oil Shadow Projector Candles
Photograph: Gabrielle GermaineLumen Oil Shadow Projector Candles

The best unique gifts for men, women, kids and family

Surprise them this year with unique gifts, from quirky jewelry to one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers


Sick of giving out gift cards to the cousins, family board games to the kids and bottles of wine to… the people you just don’t really know? If you’re looking for unique gifts this year, you’ve come to the right place. From quirky, shadow-casting candles to build-it-yourself cameras to spa packages that will make you feel like you’re in the best day spas in America, we’ve got one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for the men, women and children in your life. All available online. Start clicking and let the unique gifts come straight to you.

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Best unique gifts for men, women, kids

1. Dirty Grl Lucky Troll Doll Vegan Bar Soap

Considering ’90s nostalgia is all the rage, you’ll gain major cool points with your niece by giving her this quirky rainbow (vegan and handmade) soap that will leave her with a like-totally-rad troll. $20,

2. Wonder Golf Portable Adjustable Putting Green

If you want your kids to play together at something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen from the couch, this putting green is hours of fun—plus, it’s easy to bring to grandma’s. $70,


3. Light Stax Light-Up Building Blocks

Light Stax has found a way to make classic building blocks cool again, and this illuminated set is perfect for any creative tinkerer, from your six-year-old son to your friend’s ten-year-old daughter. $20,

4. Na Nin Landslide Perfume Roller

The delightfully earthy notes of NA NIN’s perfume roller make it just the thing for your bohemian best friend to keep in her bag whether she’s on her way to yoga or dinner. $38,


5. cjw Shoe Scarf

Your sister is a shoe-aholic but that doesn’t mean you’d dare try to actually pick out a pair for her. This unexpected scarf is a chic choice for such a fashion fan. $275,

6. Ringly Wine Bar Tech Ring

She’s a stylish, tech-loving social butterfly, which means she’ll flip for this innovative tech ring that links to her phone to update her on calls, emails, texts and more. $195,


7. Verameat Tiny Frenchie Lover Charm Necklace

What sweeter way to honor someone’s love of her pooch than with this French bulldog pendant necklace from cult label Verameat? $88,

8. Alexandra Ferguson Merde Pillow

You can’t deny that your cousin who hasn’t stopped talking about her semester in Paris for the last six years has a really cute apartment, and she’ll love adding this tongue-in-cheek pillow. $97,


9. Imm Living Zodiac God Winestopper

Sister, friend, neighbor, babysitter—anyone who loves wine would appreciate the decorative genius of this unique winestopper, especially with the personal twist of their astrological sign. $22,

10. Adam Frank Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector

This isn’t your typical candle—any wax fiends in your friendship circle will love showing off the beautiful tree shadows it projects while giving off one of five tree-centric scents. $48,

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