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Photograph: Courtesy Uncommon Goods

Valentine’s Day gifts for when it’s complicated

Shop Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone you may be sleeping/breaking up/in love with... we get it, it’s complicated

By Ramona Saviss

Not quite in a relationship and not quite single? We understand. You’ve met someone and just when you’re still getting used to writing 2016 as the year, all of a sudden it’s Valentine’s Day. What do you do when you just want to be friends? Or when you want a lot more? Or if you just met and have no idea where it’s going? Instead of heading to the best lingerie stores (too intimate), sex shops (too soon) or chocolate shops (too predictable), choose one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for that “it’s complicated” person in your life.

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Valentine’s Day gifts for complicated relationships

Photograph: Courtesy Izola

You just want to be friends with him

Months Toothbrush Set, $16, at

Because you want him to think of you as his mother and nothing more. (Just make sure to reiterate that it’s not an extra set for your house—yikes.)


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Photograph: Courtesy Kitson

You just want to be friends with her

Retrospective Group’s More Issues Than Vogue Mug, $16, at

This in-your-face mug will give her no reason to read between the lines.


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Photograph: Courtesy Spitfire Girl

You know he’s the one after two dates

Emergency Bowtie, $8.75, at

Not to be too forward, but let’s just say you may need this on your weekend getaway to Vegas next month.


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Photograph: Courtesy Tinker Watches

You know she’s the one after two dates

Tinker watch, $150, at

Build a watch together, build a life together.

Photograph: Courtesy Happy Socks

He’s your hook-up buddy

Happy Socks Combo Box Triangle Boxer Brief, $22.40, at

Lingerie for men, anyone? And of course, that’s why they call them business socks!


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Photograph: Courtesy Jimmy Jane

She’s your hook-up buddy

Afterglow Special Edition in Cocoa Fig, $32, at

This candle melts into massage oil that you can use when the flame is blown out. Just a bit less forward than a sex toy.


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Photograph: Courtesy Spitfire Girl

You just met him on Tinder last week

Bad Boy Bag, $15, at

Honestly, you just met. You might not know his sign yet, but you can definitely assume he'll crack up at a Whoopee cushion or be easily amused with a mini watergun. And if not—swipe left.

Photograph: Courtesy Urban Outfitters

You just met her on Tinder last week

Selfie Click Stick, $20, at

You fell in love with her #selfies before anything else, so why not encourage more of those duck-faced posts as your relationship grows?


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Photograph: Courtesy Clare Vivier

You definitely want to be more than friends with him

Clare Vivier toiletry case, $99, at

The perfect dopp kit bag for him to start using when he sleeps over... which you really hope he does, soon.

Photograph: Courtesy Fifth Floor

You definitely want to be more than friends with her

Love Letter Kit, $16, at

Show her you love her—without doing any of the writing yourself—with the encouragment of sweet love notes via this pocket-sized kit.

Photograph: Courtesy Uncommon Goods

It’s too soon to tell about him

Homemade Gin Kit, $20-$50, at

Infuse some gin, make some cocktails and see what happens.


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Photograph: Courtesy Anthropologie

It’s too soon to tell about her

You Cook, I’ll Clean Dishtowels, $42, at

See if she asks, “Your place or mine?”


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