Alert! A massive ‘snow bomb’ will hit the UK this week

So long, summer – bouts of snow have been forecast for parts of the UK in the first week of June 2024

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Amy Houghton
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Row of houses in the UK covered in snow
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The sun has really been teasing us lately. One minute it feels like we’re going to get a scorcher of a summer, the next we’re running for cover from strong winds and torrential rain. 

But you may have to kiss those dreams of non-stop tanning in beer gardens and lounging in lidos goodbye once and for all. As well as predictions that this could be our wettest summer in 100 years, now it looks like there’s snow on the way. 

Yep, you read that right – snow. Weather maps from WXCharts show that parts of the UK will be hit by a ‘snow bomb’ next week. Glasgow will see some snowfall on June 4 and Inverness is set to have a flurry on June 5, with temperatures falling as low as 1C. 

Moving down south, areas including Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham will get heavy rainfall. The Met Office says June 4 to June 6 will ‘most likely [be] characterised by showers, sometimes blustery, occasionally heavy with thunderstorms, sometimes forming larger bands of rain’.

All hope is not lost, though. The Met Office forecasts that after June 6, the weather will get drier. Temperatures will generally stay cool but your best chance at warmer weather will be in the east of the country.

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