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Snow falling in London

Alert: it’s actually going to snow on Monday

Okay, only in the Scottish mountains, but still

Ella Doyle
Written by
Ella Doyle

That was a seriously hot summer we just had, wasn’t it? We had heatwaves and droughts coming out of our ears, and saw the hottest month since 1884. The UK was hot. And then suddenly we blinked and it was winter again, and all of a sudden we’ve found ourselves strolling through parks in long coats all over again like we’re in an episode of Broadchurch.

Well, you better get used to it, because things are about to get colder. Tuesday is going to be the coldest day of the season so far, following the rather chilly weekend we’ve got coming up. And in parts of Scotland, apparently, we could even see some snow on Monday. But we’re talking way up in the Scottish mountains, so it’s actually pretty normal for this time of year. 

Yellow weather warnings are in place for Kent and Sussex this weekend, as they can expect some pretty heavy rainfall. Other places in the east of the country can expect rain too, but most of the UK is going to remain dry. 

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern told The Sun: ‘Across the UK temperatures are going to be below average for the second half of the weekend and into Monday as well as Tuesday.’ He added that this will be ‘most likely the coldest air of the season so far’.

So get those umbrellas out for the weekend, kids, and if you’re up in the Scottish mountains, you may well be able to build a snowman. 

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