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B&M store, England
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B&M is opening 125 new UK stores

Bring on the bargains

Amy Houghton
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Amy Houghton

While some high street brands have been having a hard time of late (Wilko, Boots, we’re looking at you), others like Aldi, Asda and the Range have been positively thriving. All have announcing a tonne of new openings across the country. 

Now joining their ranks is beloved blue-and-orange bargain store B&M. Over the next three years, the chain has announced it has ambitions to open 125 new stores across the UK. 

And it’s now been confirmed where dozens of those branches will be, bringing the brand’s total sites up to 1,200. Here is everything you need to know. 

Where is B&M opening new stores in 2024? 

Here are all the locations getting new B&M stores, as well as the date each outlet is expected to open. 

  • Castle Douglas, Scotland – February 22
  • Thamesmead, London- February 22
  • Beaumont Lays, Leicester - February 23
  • New Cross Gate, London – February 29
  • Gunness, North Lincolnshire – February 24
  • Epsom – March 1
  • Kenilworth – March 7
  • Ely – March 7
  • Banbury – March 16
  • St Germain Walk, Huntingdon – March 22
  • King William, Blackburn – March 23
  • Markham Road, Chesterfield – March 29 (reopening)
  • Marsh Mills, Plymouth – April 5
  • Mildenhall – April 6
  • Burgess Hill – April 9

Where has B&M already opened new stores in 2024? 

  • Porthmadog, Wales - January 18
  • Chelmsley Wood, Solihull – January 25
  • Stourbridge, Dudley – January 25
  • Washington, Sunderland - January 26
  • Wigston, Leicestershire - January 26
  • Loughborough, Leicestershire - January 27
  • Allestree, Derbyshire – January 27
  • Cathedral Lanes, Coventry – February 2
  • Harrow, London - February 10
  • Clowne, Derbyshire – February 17
  • Arnold, Nottinghamshire - February 21
  • Guildbourne Centre, Worthing – February 21

Where did B&M open new stores in 2023?

These B&M stores opened in autumn last year. 

  • Fort Parkway, Birmingham – October 14
  • Monks Cross, York – October 18
  • Chatteris – October 25
  • Gateshead (expansion) – October  28
  • Manor Walks (Cramlington), Northumberland – November 11
  • Teesside Park, Stockton on Tees – November 23
  • Franklin, Northwich – November 25
  • Titchfield, Fareham – December 2

We don’t know where the other new stores will be, but the brand did agree to acquire up to 51 former Wilko stores after that whole saga, so that could provide us with a few clues.

The trials and tribulations of Britain’s high streets.  

The past 12 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for frequenters of British high streets. A slew of brands have struggled and subsequently shut up shop – take a look at our full list of closures for all the deets. Yet at the same time many have been revived in one way or another. HMV’s iconic flagship store returned to Oxford Street, Paperchase is arriving in Tescos and even Wilko has new stores set to open

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