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Aldi in Watford, UK
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Aldi is opening 12 new stores across the UK: here’s the full list of new locations

Is your local area getting a brand-new budget supermarket?

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Once you get a local Aldi, you never look at other supermarkets the same way again. With the budget supermarket’s charming own-brand takes on family favourites and its exceptionally decent fresh fruit and veg selections, it’s no surprise that Aldi is the UK’s fastest growing supermarket chain.

A few weeks ago Aldi announced plans for 500 new stores in the UK – but didn’t specify where exactly those stores would be. Those of us without local Aldis were left on tenterhooks, awaiting news of when and where those new stores might open.

And now we’ve got an exciting update. Aldi has revealed 12 locations across the country that will open before Christmas. They are: 

  • Chip Lane, Taunton
  • Lees Road, Oldham
  • Pompey Centre Retail Park, Portsmouth
  • Portrack Lane, Stockton
  • Fforestfach Retail Park, Swansea
  • Farnborough Gate, Farnborough
  • Becket Way, West Bridgford
  • Causeway Park, Staines-upon-Thames
  • Gateway Retail Park, Reading
  • Alvis Retail Park, Coventry
  • Broadway Green, Chadderton
  • Westway Retail Park, Cumbernauld

On top of that, Aldi has also announced ‘high priority’ areas that are next up, listing 22 locations across the UK that it reckons are in dire need of some everyday bargains.

While the UK might eventually be getting a whopping 500 more Aldis in the near future, these are the areas that are most likely to get them first.

So, at least 34 new Aldis are on the way! It hasn’t been confirmed exactly when or where branches in the latter list of locations will open, so watch this space for updates. 

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Plus: here’s the full list of high street stores closing in 2023.

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